Bioshock Infinite: Industrial Revolution (preorder item, puzzle game)


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Jun 7, 2009
I'd rather have something I can play now that is supplementary than skins and stuff that are unlocked with a code.
I don't. This is like the equivalent of that where they lock game promotion stuff behind pre-orders. Doesn't entice me at all to pre-order.

Why isn't this just put out to get everyone hype in general like the 2D Borderlands game? Seems like a bad decision from a marketing standpoint, where they could also open up more content for pre-order bonuses.
Mar 14, 2007
Portland, OR
Well you do know that they weren't even going to start the Vita Bioshock game until Infinite shipped? I doubt they've even started production of it in any shape or form considering how Infinite has been in trouble.
I'm still flabberghasted at how you guys think this game is actually in trouble. Yes, people have left the project. However, the majority of the people who have left have left after the vast majority, if not all of their work has been completed. For example, take one of the most recent departures. Do you really think that combat systems haven't been fleshed out by now? Seriously?

Taking time and effort to create promotional materials/vertical slices/whatever for the press can take a substantial amount of time and effort away from the actual creation of the project. Lest people forget, the game was supposed to come out this month. With the release date seen above, the game only has suffered a four month delay. Games have delays like this all the time, and seeing how this team's last effort went through a similar delay and was... extraordinary, I don't understand how people don't give them the benefit of the doubt. Everything we've seen of the game so far has been superb. Seriously. People need to chill the fuck out, rewatch that E3 2011 demo and chilllllll.
Mar 1, 2011
People need to chill the fuck out, rewatch that E3 2011 demo and chilllllll.
I'd chill the fuck out were that demo not very obviously heavily scripted, with pretty much nothing yet to convince me that the game's going to offer anything other than that.

It's all well and good talking vertical slices, but I hope the final game has more to it than that.