Bioshock killed my computer

This demo fucked up my PC too I downloaded it last night then woke up this morning and installed it. Everything was going fine in the intro when I was swimming up to that little island. Then I went in everything was still cool, I hopped into the elevator thing and went through all that shit. After that another loading screen popped up and when I came back to my computer the whole screen was black. I exited out luckily and then tried to play some Counter Strike and my screen say "No Signal" then goes back to windows.

I checked my drivers and it turns out I still have my old drivers or at least I think I do. It's something like 91.47 forceware or some shit like that. Maybe it also updated DX and that fucked everything up....... WTF should I do?

Also my computer froze when my screen saver came on. I just have a black screen for my screen saver and it wouldn't go back to windows :?

Edit: Alright Counter strike is working now but I'm not trying that demo again.
+A post. Will read again.

Thanks for making me feel better about buying the game for my 360. I was going to throw it at my X1950Pro, but with a 2Ghz Athlon and a gig of RAM I was afraid it wouldn't run it well.

Well, I should've been even more afraid for my PC.
:lol I was laughing so hard reading that. Good show. Will read again -- right now. :lol

I know losing your computer must suck, but you have to be impressed, right? GOTY, confirmed indeed. :lol

I did not expect to get Digged like that. Does anyone have some suggestions for other free photo hosting? Because this killed my Photobucket account real quick.

And Kotaku?
The penultimate update here guys. I picked up a new PSU this afternoon, installed it, and.......
No POST :(

So, now I have to decide whether to spend too much money buying an obsolete old Socket A board (do they even sell those anymore?) and see if my processor, RAM and vid card are salvageable. Or I could spend even more money I don't have and get a whole new system.

In the meantime, this old Pentium 3 plays a mean game of Starcraft, so I think I'll spend some time getting my ass kicked by Koreans to prepare for 2. They shall taste the wrath of my Intel 810 IGP *weeps softly*