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BioShock The Collection spotted on 2K's website [Screenshots Leaking]

Shouldn't come as a shock to anyone but it seems like the remasters are finally getting announced soon

Source: https://www.2k.com/games/bioshock-the-collection


Edit: Here's the official cover art that's hosted on their servers




Very cool, hope they're good ports.

And I really hope they fixed the 30fps animations of 1 (Don't remember if 2 had them).


Considering the BioShock Twitter getting active I hope that their earnings call was a big lie and the collection actually comes this year


GerAlt-Right. Ciriously.
Very cool, hope they're good ports.

And I really hope they fixed the 30fps animations of 1 (Don't remember if 2 had them).

If the Borderlands Handsome Collection is any indication, they should be pretty good. Although it took a couple of patches for The Pre-Sequel to get rid of screen tearing, but it remained at a mostly stable 60fps.
I'm somewhat interested in replaying BS1/2 but I doubt they hold up.

Two holds up really well because you can wield plasmids and guns at the same time.

Really wish these remasters would add gameplay changes in later games back into the older ones, feels like a missed opportunity.


Everything included, 1080/60 and you have my purchase right now. Without a doubt, one of my favorite franchises in gaming.


I really hope this is a real ass remaster. The 360 version of Bioshock did not age as well as I remember. Screen tearing out the ass.


This better be a proper remaster with done up textures and shit. Not paying money for a lazy port of a nearly 10 year old game.


Please be real this time.

I would love to play these games again in the summer - before the big holiday season games come out.


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wonder if it's this year

very much in the mood to play through these games again


My god, finally. I've been dying to replay all three games for about a year, I almost gave up and played the originals after E3 came and went with no announcement. HURRY UP 2K


jeez i feel like we already know about this for over a year now. it better come out quick after announcement because fall 2016 is packed ...


I'm itching to play all these 3 games on PC, and I already own them. But I'd happy buy them again if there are substantial upgrades to the PC version, if it's even (re)released on it.
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