BioShock The Collection spotted on 2K's website [Screenshots Leaking]


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Considering the BioShock Twitter getting active I hope that their earnings call was a big lie and the collection actually comes this year


The Last of Us may be third person, but it is hardly third person.
Very cool, hope they're good ports.

And I really hope they fixed the 30fps animations of 1 (Don't remember if 2 had them).
If the Borderlands Handsome Collection is any indication, they should be pretty good. Although it took a couple of patches for The Pre-Sequel to get rid of screen tearing, but it remained at a mostly stable 60fps.
My god, finally. I've been dying to replay all three games for about a year, I almost gave up and played the originals after E3 came and went with no announcement. HURRY UP 2K
jeez i feel like we already know about this for over a year now. it better come out quick after announcement because fall 2016 is packed ...
I'm itching to play all these 3 games on PC, and I already own them. But I'd happy buy them again if there are substantial upgrades to the PC version, if it's even (re)released on it.