Bioware bans SW:TOR player over internet meme

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Never seen that meme before. Is it a 4chan thing?
Only other place I've seen that being used was on GameFAQs and people would get banned for that too. They would then have to contact a mod/admin and prove they aren't underage. At least, that was the case when I used to frequent it several years ago.


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I'm 12 and what is this?
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Ban 'em boys!
I know this meme, but that is irrelevant. How can these guys ban people's paid accounts without doing any real investigation? This guy should be compensated and that community manager punished accordingly.
I can't say I have heard of this meme either, but then I don't make the habit of paying much attention to meme's. I would usually be the first one to be "having a go" at Bioware for something like this. However for someone ignorant of the wonderful world of Meme's it is not unexpected to see someone get a forum ban for admitting they are 12.
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