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Black Mirror S5 | Official Trailer - Releasing June 5th


Jun 3, 2013
I didn't really enjoy Striking Vipers

And that ending was BS I think - we're to believe that he comes out in the car at the end to tell his wife that he's been avoiding her because he's been virtually fucking his best friend, and she goes along with this? Ok baby you can fuck your male friend in VR once a month as long as I can go get some IRL strange?

I don't feel like I saw the protag struggle with wanting to keep his family life vs fucking his best friend. The episode does everything it can to show you that he is indifferent towards his family, and cannot stop thinking about his friend. I guess they are just staying together for the kids? Like he does appear to struggle a bit with being a prick, and cuts off his friend for a bit because he felt bad his wife was catching on, but this doesn't feel motivated out of love as much as shame and a desire to not get caught.
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Jul 21, 2016
It compares badly in every way. A notch below in terms of writing.
It's the most polarising episode in the series and the reason why I tell people to start from the second episode because 90% of them check out after watching it. I myself am not a fan of the episode and favor Fifteen Million Merits. It was a much better introduction to Black Mirror I feel.
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Dec 9, 2013
I'm tired with this season already and I haven't seen the last episode yet. The two episodes I've watched were not only way too long, but also not that interesting. Striking Vipers seemed like some Netflix writer's gay fantasy turned into reality (also the wife character was horrible), Smithereens was probably the most boring and unoriginal social media episode they've done so far.

Edit: Welp Miley Cyrus episode was also pretty horrible. I feel like it had the most potential out of all three episodes, but they've turned it into a kids show episode on purpose. I have to admit though I laughed my ass off when they first introduced unlocked, cursing version of the doll.
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Aug 22, 2018
I love Black Mirror. This season has not been good. Not good at all. I worry that the success of San Junipero has changed their priorities somewhat.
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Jun 13, 2019
I have watched the first two episodes of the new ones. They are ok, nothing amazing. I am about ten minutes into the last one and I'm lukewarm on it so far. Still love the show.


Dec 6, 2013
A bit late to this but WTF happened to this show

I've yet to watch Striking Vipers but Smithereens was extremely average and Ashley Too was hands down the worst episode of this show by a wide margin.

Smithereens was just a whole bunch of nothing. It's an average hostage situation without a particularly interesting setup, characters, message or twist. Don't use your phone while driving I guess...that's the point of it?. If it's a criticism of social media then they already did so in Nosedive and did a way better job at it too

And Ashley too... WTF was that? WTF was this doing in a season of black mirror? Who the hell gave the Ok to this?
Take out the swearing and it's pretty much some sort of Disney Channel / Nick direct to video movie
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Crushed by Thanos
Dec 7, 2008
The Pentagon
I love Black Mirror. This season has not been good. Not good at all. I worry that the success of San Junipero has changed their priorities somewhat.
if junipero ends up poison pilling this mudda fucka imma be pretty pissed at all you (not you, haris elson) dopey futurists