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Blackout Protocol (PC+Consoles 2023, Twin-Stick Friendly-Fire Co-Op Horror Shooter) Don't shoot, I'm dead



From the makers of the soon-to-come strategy RPG Lost Eidolons, Blackout Protocol is a roguelite twin-stick shooter where you are part of an ops team sent into a facility where experiments have gone horribly wrong. Some features which set this apart from typical games of its type are obviously the jet-black graphics lit mostly by player lighting, an enemy variety that has unexpected triggers and attack methods (and what seems like some stealth mechanics to avoid danger if possible,) and perhaps most importantly, the constant need to check before pulling the trigger because friendly fire is on in 3P co-op firefights. Usually in twin-stick shooters, you just blast away until you're dead... here, your own partner might be the reason why you are dead. It's a roguelike, so there's loot, and also I would assume random elements and layouts. There's not a lot of space to move around (yet you have big weapons like machineguns and flamethrowers,) and enemies can be anywhere out there in the dark, so the tension is high each time you make a run.

Blackout Protocol is being developed for PC with an early access release in 2023, and console plans are also on the table.

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Twin Stick has my interest!
But once again into the black fog no lights play area.
Hopefully the next game will be called Well Lit Protocal.
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