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Blade Runner Short Film | Slice of Life


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman
Dec 1, 2014

A low-life drug dealer tries to turn his life around but finds himself at the mercy of fate.

"Slice of Life" is an original short Science Fiction film.

The whole film is made the old school way like the legendary SciFi movies of the 80's (Star Wars, Alien, Blade Runner). Think miniatures, matte paintings, rear projections - You won't find any CGI here!!!

Slice Of Life is a love letter to the Science Fiction genre of the 80's. We invite you to follow our journey back to the future envisioned by the 80's!

Directed by: Luka Hrgović & Dino Julius

Starring: Anton Svetić, Ivica Pustički, Emilia Habulin

Produced by Julius film

In association with Blue Creative and BrandoMack Productions

Directors Luka Hrgović & Dino Julius walk you through precisely how they made a big-budget Sci-Fi on a shoestring using no computer-generated effects.