Blazblue Cross Tag Battle announced (Blazblue X Persona X Undernight Inbirth X RWBY)

I hope my boy Akatsuki is in there. If UNIELs cast gets in: would Akatsuki be repping UNIEL or will he be in Blitzkampf? And will Eltnum be in as Melty or UNIEL.

I'm just hyped. Oh god I can't believe this is a thing. Even if it is just anime MvC2 with all the sprite assets ASW can legally use at once.
Umm is this coming to PC/Steam? Cuz that would be amazing.
Will grab on PS4 at least.

Only thing missing here is Hokuto no Ken :/
Odd that they're displaying the P4 main protag instead of P5. I guess it's the more iconic title at the moment, but I'd rather have some P5 love now.

Also man I am just not a fan of RWBY at all, I'll probably be playing this solely for the Persona love, Blazblue and Undernight I can take it or leave it really.
They already have the sprites for P4.
Did they literally just recycle all their sprite based games and only add some RWBY chars?
I hope so. Might as well use them all before the inevitable BB transition to GG's artstyle. Just go crazy. I hope it's 50 characters and horribly balanced. The kusoge's kusoge. Nice little farewell to the 360/PS3 generation of anime.

I was too hype to actually pay attention to the gameplay. Was there assists, or is it going to be the CvS2 to DBFZ's Marvel?
As a non-fan this seems like an absolutely insane announcement.

I guess they got the inspiration after making their 3DS DBZ and One Piece games crossplay?
So because of Sion being in Undernight, that means, in a way, Type-Moon is now connected to Blazblue, Persona, and RWBY.

...what a weird weird world we live in.


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I know very little of RWBY (RIP Monty Oum), and I like UNIEL much better than any of those other things in the game. I'm sure I'll know more about RWBY before I play this, though, and I pray they'll let me beat the world up with Hilda and Orie, which I will gladly accept.

Just happy to see UNI get more exposure.
That right? I havent seen any gameplay yet, just the OP photo. If that's the case I'm a bit less excited since that means only the RWBY stuff is new.
Well, only the RWBY characters are new, but it's still a 2v2 game, which none of the represented games are, so it's not like they'll be translated 1:1.
Lol at people mad about sprite dumps. One of the most popular fighting games of all time was just that. Makes sense to me for ArcSys to get in on that.