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Blizzard changing the spit emote from World of Warcraft (can no longer /spit on players, just the ground)

Claus Grimhildyr

Vincit qui se vincit
Jan 30, 2018
Azerite. Having your head, neck, shoulders, and chest items locked to azerite was stupid. They were trying to replicate the artifact power from Legion (which was fine, and Legion was legitimately great) and fell on their face.

The only thing that kept me playing in BFA were the Allied Races to unlock. Shadowlands doesn't even have that carrot on a stick. Shadowlands feels like a direct to video attempt at Legion that doesn't understand what made Legion great. That was their last great expansion and it seems like WoW is cursed to always be chasing that and never matching it.

All the worst design decisions were implemented in Legion. The *only* good thing about that expansion was its content release schedule, outside of that it was trash - at least from the viewpoint of a Mythic raider. Casual play may have been far more tolerable, but many of the systems introduced actively made raiding a massive fucking chore and slowly killed interest in high end raiding when you could get better gear from doing lower end content thanks to shitty RNG systems.

BFA I enjoyed more from an art direction/launch story point (I really did not care for how they designed the Burning Legion in Legion vs how it was in BC, and I despised the zone designs for Legion) - but they just continued to use the same shitty systems introduced in Legion with rushed story threads and shitting on the established lore that was built up for nearly two decades up to that point.

Shadowlands is just more of the same tired bullshit as Legion/BFA, but with somehow even worse story/writing/progression.

Blizzard needs to look at FFXIV and realize that they had something with the Wrath/MoP design and go back to it. Stop trying to create crappy new systems every expansion that only serve to get tossed aside as soon as the next expansion hits. Though then again, I won't be playing anymore so nothing they do short of a complete corporate enema (both the social slacktivist cunts and blatant misogynistic cunts) and WoW 2.0 reboot will get me to return.


Jun 30, 2017
Baltimore, MD
They had a spit on player feature?! JESUS!!!! I wish I knew this! I don't even play games like this, but they for fucking sure would've gotten my money had I known this was a thing!

Got dammit, Snowflakes fuckin' up the rotation!


Nov 24, 2018
You don't understand. Good. AOT is for you.
You are the guy that doesn't even understand anime comes from manga. AOT vs berserk is debatable. Berserk was still going on till 2021 so Japan isn't on a creative downgrade like the US is, which was the original argument. Its manga scene is stronger than ever.