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Blizzard is working on an Unannounced RPG project in within an existing Blizzard IP


Ask me about my fanboy energy!


  • Experience with world building and writing for role playing games.
  • Experience with programming in C# or in scripting languages like LUA.

  • Champion a clear vision for mechanically and narratively interesting missions within an established Blizzard IP.
  • Own the narrative experience for a new Blizzard game.
  • Lead other designers to craft a framework to support replayable narrative content.
  • Work closely with engineers to design tools and a pipeline to generate missions.
  • Mentor other designers and provide feedback to help them grow.
  • Collaborate with art, engineering, sound, design, and outside partners to implement your vision.
    Have fun making something awesome with a great team!
Knowledge and Skills:

  • Knowledge of Blizzard worlds and gameplay values.
  • Demonstrated ability to craft single player missions, quests, stories, characters, and events within game development toolsets.
  • Working knowledge of technical writing and editing.
  • Experience creating quests, points of interest, and characters within a shared world.
  • Experience creating and running pen and paper RPG campaigns, and/or live-action RPGs.

Key Attributes:

  • A love of RPG games (tabletop or computer).
Will probably be Diablo or Warcraft related. StarCraft is unlikely since the property hasn’t been in the public consciousness for a while.


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I really wish they'd release Warcraft Adventures. The game was done. After Reforged, it's not a blemish on the Blizzard name anymore.
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