Blizzard or Nintendo - Who's next mobile game are you more excited to see?

mobile games make me sad, especially after being reminded that people spend more money on dlc/ iap than on games.
naturally curious about how nintendo games translate to mobile, but not optimistic.
Blizzard. It's hard to see Nintendo not going further down the gatcha route. Hearthstone is pretty fair as a free-to-play game.
The Nintendo Mobile games I can't play for long. Mario Run I beat and never touched again. Hearthstone I still play daily. So Blizzard for me.
Nintendo. Blizzard hasn't made a good game since the Lich King expansion.
I'm joking of course, maybe a mobile diablo would have my interest.
Super Mario Run was surprisingly good; still play a few Toad Rallies a day. That said, it didn't make as much money as Fire Emblem, so I expect Animal Crossing to be riddled with gacha crap. Zelda, no clue.
Nintendo since I know at least their mobile transaction tactics are going to be outdated and not as bad as Blizzard who researches the shit out of it.
Nintendo, only because I feel like Blizzard takes a genre then 'mainstreams' it up, and ever since D2 and early WoW I haven't liked a single product Blizzard has put out.
Nintendo's mobile offerings have been pretty dull so far, and mostly just copycats of popular stuff on the market with Nintendo IP subbed in. I feel like Blizzard might do something more interesting.
Probably Blizzard simply because Nintendo's mobile games so far have been trash imo. I don't expect much from their mobile games.
FE Heroes is quite good now.

Some people here really need to give Heroes another look, IS is doing a good job imo.
Nintendo's mobile stuff has been pretty bad so far and I don't have much interest in Hearthstone so neither has really proven itself to me in the mobile space yet. That said I'm a much bigger fan of Blizzard these days and have more faith in whatever they're working on.
I'm trying to figure out just what Blizzard has in terms of their next big mobile game. For some reason, all I could think of is them doing something like what 2K did with Evolve and have it be Puzzle based with Overwatch characters.

Depending on the puzzle, I might actually consider that actually.