Bloodborne leaked gameplay trailer (new leak, early footage)


Brotherhood of Shipley's
That framerate was accurate to what I saw at E3. That's probably why the trailer was not shown to the public.

I fully expect it to get optimized.
I can see why it's a press only reveal as the public might crap on the framerate while press know game development cycle.

Mad props to whoever decided to leak this though.
Looks kinda shit right now and i can totally understand why they might not want to show it off yet.
That was kind of my impression. Keep in mind that I'm buying this day one, regardless of anything shown in any trailer. But at the moment it looks a little rough honestly. And the shit I read about no shield is a little rough.

HOWEVER - I've played almost the exact same game 3 times now. They literally have to do something new this time, or it will be extremely stale. So I'd rather see something new, even if it's not perfect.