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Bloodborne |OT| Now With Newcomers Guide Attached Below OP

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all hail the savior of PS4 gaming

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Bloodborne |OT| ...and so the Nightly Hunt begins

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Ok, let's try this again:

General FAQ and play advice

R3: "lock onto enemy" It's good to use this to keep track of an enemy. but sometimes it's better to remain unlocked for camera/aiming reasons.

O: Circle performs a roll when not locked on and a dash when locked on. Dashing is essential to the game. dashes and rolls give you a small window of invulnerability to attacks. Dodges are the key to surviving enemies in this game.

Where are my blood vials when I have 20 and I pick up more? Extra vials and bullets go straight into storage. When you die, or visit a lamp they are automatically refilled from your inventory.

How to level up?
Leveling up happens in the Hunter's dream. You talk to the doll. She awakens after you meet the first boss "The Cleric Beast" for the first time. You pay her blood echoes to increase your stats by one point at a time.

What do I do with this gun? Its damage is low: Guns are used for the Bloodborne equivalent of Dark Souls' parry. Shoot the enemy with your gun at close range right before and enemy attacks and they will be stunned. During this stun press r1 to execute a visceral attack for high damage. This is an essential skill for quickly dealing with enemies that hit hard and fast.

Weapon transformations? pressing L1 causes your weapon to transform and have a different moveset. This is especially important when an enemy has a shield. attacking once and then pressing L1 will cause you to perform and guard break transformation attack. Experiment with transformations.

My weapon is broken or its durability is low. There is a workbench where you can reinforce (level up) your weapon or repair. It's in the house by the fire.

Backstabs? to perform a backstab, sneak up behind an enemy and hold R2 to do a charged attack. if it lands the enemy will be briefly stunned. press R1 for a high damage visceral attack animation.

Insight? Insight increases naturally as you explore the game and kill bosses. Insight is consumed when you summon co-op partners to help you in your fight.

Blood Echoes? Blood echoes are the currency of the Bloodborne. You use them to buy items (there is a merchant in the fountain in the Hunter's Dream) and to strengthen your weapon and to increase your stats. Every use of blood echoes is a trade off. Choose wisely!

Where did my Blood Echoes go? I died. Your blood echoes are dropped when you die. If you die again without retrieving them they are lost for good. They will either be in a mark on the ground near where you died (press X to retrieve them) or they will be picked up by a nearby enemy. When you kill this enemy they are regained. It's best to spend your Blood Echoes as soon as you reasonably can. Don't walk around with excess thousands and risk losing your sanguine fortune.
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Apr 21, 2009
Given the glowing reviews and large marketing campaign, it's safe to assume there's a LOT of newcomers to the Souls (Blood?) series. With the OT moving at a breakneck speed, I thought new players could use a place to post their impressions of the game and ask for any assistance. Are you in love with the game and looking forward to checking out Dark Souls and Demon's Souls next, or are you pissed that you got caught up in the hype and wasted $60? If you're in the latter camp, feel free to vent your frustrations here and maybe someone can give you the advice you need to keep on pushing.

A great beginner's guide can be found here that outlines some information pertaining to classes, weapons scaling, and stats. In addition to that information, I have the following tips.

Blood Echoes don't matter: Don't get too hung up on retrieving your Blood Echoes. I mean, try to preserve them by all means, but understand that losing them is no big deal. Since there's a system in place in which your XP can be lost, the game is balanced around the fact that you won't spend 100% of the XP you gain. If you lose a level or two's worth of Blood Echoes it will suck, yeah, but it doesn't mean you're now under leveled for the rest of the game.

Levels don't beat bosses: Unlike a traditional RPG in which you can beat a boss by simply over leveling it, Bloodborne and the other Souls games don't work that way. If you're stuck on a boss, don't wast hours farming the levels for Blood Echoes in the hopes that you can outlevel it. This won't hurt, but it won't beat the boss alone. If you're stuck on a boss, it's probably because you need to fight better, not because your level is too low.

Shortcuts are the best: I see a lot of new players in the OT asking where the next lantern is. In Bloodborne, you're not going to want to be looking out for lanterns so much as shortcuts. Open every possible door and gate you can and pull every lever and you'll probably find yourself back in a familiar place. The first and second bosses are about 30 seconds away from the same lantern with the right shortcuts opened up.

Improve your weapons: This one is fairly straightforward. Upgrade weapons at the forge. It's just as important as leveling your character. All of the starting weapons improve their scaling levels once upgraded to +2 (Threaded Cane goes from a C in skill to a B in skill, for instance).

Never give up: Goonies never say die

Some lifehacks for people who get stuck all the time and have issues

1. Exploit the Regain system
The Regain system allows you to get your HP back if you attack enemies shortly after suffering damage. Sometimes though you get more damage than you can regain from an enemy (because he has less HP and therefore you can do less hits), but as of right now you can keep hitting enemies until their death animation is done. I can't imagine this being intended by FROM, and it saves some Blood Phials in areas with tougher enemies that take time to kill.

2. Buy the Hunter gear
The game is really hard if you use your basic gear. Fortunately, you can buy a 4-piece armor set at the vendor in Hunter's dream for about 2500 blood echoes in total. And yeah, that armor set is pretty much a game changer for the beginning section of Bloodborne. You can do this even before the first boss. If you have issues getting 2500 blood echoes though

3. First shortcut and small farming route
NOT saying that this is a particularly good farming route, but it did help me getting the Hunter gear and some level ups quite fast. Many people miss this, but you can open up a shortcut to the bridge that leads to the first boss fight (Cleric beast). Just go down the stairs after the two wolves, go through the house, go downstairs, leave the house, follow the stairs, kill the one enemy with the torch and axe and go further and you will open up a gate. Now, what I did was to go back and instead of going into the house, you can go under the bridge where two big guys wait for you. Kill them, go through the house again, go upstairs, kill the 3 ravens + the big guy and rinse and repeast, and if you feel confident enough kill the wolves as well.
This makes about 850 per run, and about 1500 if you kill wolves as well.

4. Use the projectile weapon all the time
This is - to me- the probably most important key mechanic so far. Your weapon has the ability to stun enemies and even bosses if you time your shot right. You should NOT care about the bullets at all, since a lot of enemies drop the randomly (you can farm the dude in the wheelchair that is in the house which leads you to the first shortcut) and you can craft your own bullets if you press UP on the D-Pad, which you should totally do since blood phials drop all the time.
If you time your shot right (just shoot right before an enemy attacks), a sound will be played and you will see enemies on their knees. GET CLOSE and press R1 to do destroy enemies.

5. Upgrade your shit
You will find a bunch of bloodshards in the beginning areas of the game which you can use in the Hunter's dream to upgrade your weapons. A +1 weapon is a different beast that a regular weapon with no upgrades at all.
Also, learn the icons! Learn which attribute does your weapon scale with and improve that attribute at the puppet.

6. The first boss
The Cleric Beast is a very epic fight and will not only test your abillities but also prepare you for what's to come since this enemy can only be killed if you accept the new mechanics and use them all the time. What I mean by that is that dodging and sidestepping are essential in this fight, and because of the small area and the crazy camera this can be annoying. The Cleric Beast's moveset involve mostly his two arms which he uses for a bunch of front attacks - what helped me was to get close, waiting for him to start an attack and then dash behind him, do a few hits and evade afterwards. He has an attack where he attacks backwards, too, but will only use it if you spend too much time behind him. Another great thing about him is that you can stun him with your weapon; the gun is super helpful since you can keep your distance and repeatedly shoot him (!) until he gets stunned, which means you get close and slash his face open. If he does his scream, slash the shit out of him or throw molotovs and burn him. You can finish this fight in like 2 minutes.

7. The second boss
Few here had issues with him which is why I was kinda worried at first, but I got him on my second try. This boss is much faster and reckless than the first one, but also not a problem if you figure him out and use the environment wisely. The the biggest advantage here is that for the most time you fight a humanoid that has the same sizes as you and follows the same ruleset as you, which means you can exploit the tombstones and trees to keep your distance between him. He is deadly if you keep too much open space between you and him, so be careful.
He uses the same moveset as you: rolling, shooting, weapon transformation etc. Always keep him on lock, be ready to dodge all the time and get a feeling for his movements. If you get a better understanding about that, use your projectile right before he attacks (or when he is rolling!) to shoot and stun him and cut him open. Don't go beserk on him with normal hits though as he breaks out of hitstuns and will attack you (always do 3-4 attacks when attacking him without stun, which you should do when he does a jump attack or anything that takes time to recover).
It's pretty easy to nullify his gun and hard attacks if you keep objects between him and you, and when he reaches like 15% - 20%, he will transform into a beast. You can STILL fuck him up during transformation, and you should, but when his transformation reaches its peak you might get pushed on the ground if you are to close. His beast is fucking crazy and might kill you, but what I did was to dodge some attacks until I was behind him and then I threw a molotov to burn and kill him.

I know all of this is known to skilled players, but seems like there are some having issues here and there. Hope this might help anybody!

edit: sorry for the bad English, but my brain doesn't quite work yet after my first playing session lol
That's all I've got. I'll try to update the OP later with tips from other players. I'd also like to ask that any advice that doesn't have to do with being new to the series (Where do I go after the first boss? What does this key open? Where did the guy in the wheelchair go? etc.) be posted in the OT instead of this topic.


Dec 24, 2014
Holy Shit, don't know what to believe anymore.

Edit: Didn't know I was the second post. Sadly, I am gonna play this game offline, this is what I've never done before in a miyazaki "souls" game. The OT is a bit too spoilerish for my taste.


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I feel bad for Robot pants. Worked hard on that and doesn't get to be poster.


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Robot Pants was robbed. (really nice OT there)

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Finally. Here we go again! GET HYPE! I still have to wait for mine's tomorrow! *weeps* I must remain strong!!!
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