Bloomberg: iPad 3 in March with retina display, quad core chip

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The biggest issue this has is that Apple hasn't really introduced any official gaming accessories for the iOS line when really they should. That's the secret sauce missing in them REALLY being a strong gaming platform. You can't depend on touch and accelerometer for all your gaming use cases.
I would love if they introduced an official bluetooth Classic Controller type thing, for AirPlay "console mode".

But really the answer to your statement is, yes, I can't depend on touch and accelerometer for all my gaming needs... but for my mobile gaming needs... there's the rub.
Well there's the potential that apple bumps the iPad 2 down in price, which hurts resale value. They didn't do this with the first one, and I sold my ipad 1 for $360 a few weeks ago.

If yore going to sell the iPad 2, you better do it before all the official news.
Noted. As long as I recoup enough from selling my 32gb iPad 2 to pay for half (or preferably a bit more) of a new iPad 3, I'm fine with that. I don't want to be without one for weeks before being able to get the new one though.
I have stayed out and resisted the Ipad for these features. Mainly the retina display. If true I will finally dive into my first Apple product the Ipad3.

Can't wait
All I want is retina.
Yes, I'm in for iPad 3... if I have the funds (most likely not).

After I get an iPad 3, the next iteration will have to have the e-ink display hybrid before I upgrade. I cannot think of anything else they can implement that will make me want to get another one... then again their marketing will figure something out. ;p
I have stayed out and resisted the Ipad for these features. Mainly the retina display. If true I will finally dive into my first Apple product the Ipad3.

Can't wait
I only got into the ipad by flipping one of the HP touchpads I got. Having only bought the ipad 2 a few weeks ago, I might wait on the ipad 3 a bit. It will probably take some time for apps to utilize the screen and power anyways. At least that's what I'll tell myself.

Apple will never do it, but I'd almost love expandable storage more than a retina screen. A 16 GB micro sd card costs nothing.
I'm guessing it will start at $700. The Ipad 2 will start at $400.
This is going to cost more than the usual 499. I can feel it.

Lol, I had to catch myself.
Oh boy. There are going to be some irate early adopters if Apple drops the iPad 2 price to $400 ($300?) and then announces the iPad 3 starts at $700. Internet meltdowns will abound.

I've previously been comfortable with the idea of Apple charging a 'retina display' tax but that was when I intended to pick up the entry level model (16GB+WiFi) as I did initially for the iPad 1 and iPad 2. The size of the apps and content have outstripped that space though and I now consider the 32GB model (preferably with 3G + Compass) to be the minimum for a comfortable experience. It's disappointing that the storage options for iOS devices haven't grown in three years and that Apple continues to deny customers an expandable storage option.

You're probably right. I wouldn't be surprised if the LTE model was a third sku and they kept the 3G/WiFi and WiFi models.
That's not how Apple rolls.
p.s. Are any of the LTE networks even compatible? Can both Verizon and AT&T LTE be done on one chip? Also why no mention of Sprint?


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I'm worried about how much bulkier this is going to be compared to the last model. A retina screen that large and quad core would destroy a normal-sized battery I suppose.
"Pioneered tablets".

Okay. Anyway, the best thing about apple bringing a new tablet to the market, is they get competitors to step up their game.
What are you talking about? competitors are slahing prices at their rushed to market half-baked non-selling tablets as far as I know.
Why doesn't thread title address the most surprising development - LTE?

I thought for sure Apple would put it off until the next revision, by which time the LTE tech would be more geographically diffuse and less battery-intensive.
Yeah forreal.

I'm breaking up with Sony. It's been good but the spark isn't there anymore.

I mean, I like Sony, but I don't like like Sony.

Apple and I, we just click.

It's not Sony's fault, it's me. I've changed. My needs have changed.

I really do wish Sony the best. They deserve to be happy.

*c'mere iPad 3 . . .*

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Sounds great. I wish they'd give artists the option of a tablet with an active stylus. The art industry did heavily support apple when they weren't as profitable.
Fucking this! Artists kept Apple from completely collapsing in the 90's. Throw us a freaking bone!

Of course nothing pisses me off more than when I see a comment like "Ewww stylus, wtf" when a tablet pc with one gets show on engadget or Gizmodo.
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