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RTTP Analysis Review Blur (racing game) - 11 Years Later - Bizarre Creation's last work

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Roman Empire

May 8, 2020

11 Years ago, Blur, the forgotten arcade racing game marketed as the "Big Boys' Mario Kart" was launched. Through some bumpy roads, the game left a small mark in the history of Racing Games. The Youtuber Whitelight, known for its long-format documentary-Esque videos, writes what is basically a love letter to one of the best arcade racing games of the 7th gen, and one I had the opportunity to play ad nauseam, and sometimes still play it through some "shady methods".

The last game of Bizarre Creations studio, the acclaimed studio that gave life to one of the most iconic arcade racing games of all time Project Gotham Racing. A story that tells us "that sometimes good games, don't make good sales". A deep dive into the good, the bad, and the ugly of its development cycle.

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