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Body of assassinated Russian diplomat used in Telltale's Batman game.


So I just saw this blowing up on twitter and.... what the fuck Telltale? This is a heck of an oversight. Didn't see any other topics on this?

For reference CNN article of the assassination from last year: http://www.cnn.com/2016/12/20/europe/ankara-russia-ambassador-shooter/index.html

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/BroTeamPill/status/916069902578061313


That is incredibly fucked up. I'd like to hope it's a case of randomly googling a dead body and using it, which is still bad. But if its deliberate, just, damn...not good.


Wait, is that second photo real shot of the crime scene? Could da mistook it for a scene from a Bond movie

It was an actual murder. Spent a day or so in the news.

I can only think whoever did this wants to get fired for whatever reason. Telltale only allowed to develop the countless games from jail cells without Internet tho?


How the fuck did that pass all the eyes at Telltale? In addition to being weirdly inappropriate the photograph belongs to someone you cheapos.


how does this happen

Googling references for a dead body, confuse news picture in results for a stock photo, photoshop.

And to be fair, that original picture does look like a stock photo.

Still, even if it was a stock photo, this means Telltale used what they assumed was a stock photo without paying a license, so even if that wasn't a real dead russian dignitary, it would look bad on them.

So: Best case scenario we have something of a "tali without her mask" level.

Why, have they done something similar?

They put some concept art from an AC game as a photo prop in Uncharted 4.


Hahah wow not like naughtydogs situation fucking up using someones art for a placeholder... this is a real body.


Wait, is that second photo real shot of the crime scene? Could da mistook it for a scene from a Bond movie

Yeah, I thought that was fishy too but if you do a reverse search for the photo you'll find the original CNN article from last December. Basically, guy was speaking at an art gallery and was shot moments later.

Because yeah, at face value even the second shot doesn't look "real" but it in fact is.
Here is the article on CNN.



Somebody probably thought it was a stock photo.

Always source your assets, people. Keeps stupid stuff like this from happening.
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