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Boneworks Release Date Trailer - Releasing December 10th. Serious Half Life 1 vibes.


Formerly 'VysePSU'
May 9, 2019
Is it just me or does the sound of the footsteps not seem to match the movement in the video. It sounds like he's walking but looks like he's tip-toeing. The gameplay looks good though. I like the Half-Life games and this looks somewhat similar.
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Apr 19, 2019
Looks amazing. Hopefully this is the first game that really starts to ramp-up what's possible in VR and a real start to the gaming renaissance through VR


Gold Member
Nov 24, 2018
Looks amazing. Hopefully this is the first game that really starts to ramp-up what's possible in VR and a real start to the gaming renaissance through VR
That happened pretty early on, how much have you played in VR? This is just a different methodology for the same goal, a good FPS system in VR. Not every game has to follow suit, not every game followed Half-Life 2's example of having physics "puzzles" with boxes and see-saws (thankfully).

I can't wait (well I can, Pistol Whip rocks and Stormland is coming in ~5 days, lol) anyway! I dunno why some people call it a tech demo, it's clear there's some kind of set up and a progression line to go through, not just the test sandbox maps they showed early on (but it will have such stuff too).

Like, did we watch the same footage just now? It's nowhere near a sandbox like that where they've almost randomly spawned objects, weapons and enemies, there's a clear progression path with light navigational puzzles and some fighting with a side order of looking for useful stuff like ammo as you explore and find your way around a decently elaborate level, just like plenty normal FPS. Wanting a story and characters to care for? When did they say they aim for a nobel prize in writing and cinematography, this isn't The Last of Us (or even Call of Doody). It's gameplay focused but yes it does have an excuse just like the original Half-Life (better than 2 in every way imo but that's another topic) had an excuse for pitting you against aliens and the army without ever elaborating on it in any meaningful way, it was just damn good to play through hence its legacy (well that and its open to modding engine obviously, it helped). Without saying this game will even have that level of story to it, it's not trying to be that realistic and iirc it all takes place in some silly tron-like "you're in the software" set up. But yes it has something there, it won't just thrust you into some e1m1 with nothing to go on.

There are other games attempting to present more compelling narrative. I guess for an actual FPS with somewhat deeper narrative to it the upcoming Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners works. Then for FPS with higher production values than a decidedly indie team like the Boneworks developers there is Medal of Honor and Stormland. For PVP multiplayer (Stormland has co-op!) they range from Onward's realism to Echo Arena's sci-fi. But generally for VR you better be willing to give indie developers like this a chance, hopefully most gamers are open to a variety of good stuff, not just the next watered down AAA take on concepts indies pioneered.

Anyway, I'm really curious about the body physics but hopefully they've managed to make it intuitive and natural in feel, I don't want the butt of my rifle or whatever to be especially hard or fussy to line up with my not-quite-accurate (as we don't have full body sensors, just head and hands) in-game shoulder as when I play Onward or whatever VR FPS I intuitively hold them up to any point and aim down the sights/scopes without issues regardless of their (or my) size as they don't try to simulate systems to that degree (which helps when my hands are independent and on thin air rather than holding any kind of solid connected object as my in-game hands do). It's one thing to do this in real life where you touch and feel things and have a whole other level of awareness and another to pretend-do it as the game's physics expect. Kind of how Valve spoke about simulating doors in crazy detail in their own game and then paring that down because it just didn't work for it.

But these guys clearly also have unrealistic yet convenient for the user things like force-pull to grab objects from small distances and magically disappearing to the inventory items etc. so they know not to go overboard with realism to keep things intuitive for the gameplay. So, that's a good sign.
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Feb 28, 2019
I think for sure it is the first game to make me just a little to want to buy a VR set.
It is look so freaking cool!!! Nearly everything look super fluid and the interactions serve the gameplay in smart ways.


Jun 11, 2019
I'm gonna play the shit out of this.

Maybe a game that can finally surpass gorn when i'm in my carnage phase of the day...


Sep 13, 2019
This only makes me excited for half life 3 and disappointed that index costs a fucking THOUSAND dollars and it's a piece of trash when it comes to lenses and sweet spot. Rift S is perfectly fine... or even better - Oculus quest, especially when they will add hand tracking


May 4, 2006
It looks cool but if it's mostly just a sandbox with little to no story or reason to care about the characters (good or bad) it's audience and scores are going to be limited.
I liked the video but with no explanation as to who the enemies are it's going to be difficult to care much
I’d say this is too early to say. They did something similar to Portal but as you kept playing you realized there’s much more going on than you were lead to believe. Let’s wait and see. :)