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Bonjour, Quantic Dream Montreal! (QD are expanding)


Nov 25, 2015
QA with Stephane can be found within the link below.
Good news, everyone! Nearly a quarter of a century after its birth in Paris, Quantic Dream is expanding with the opening of a second studio, this time located in Montreal. An obvious choice, since the Quebec metropolis has for many years now established itself as one of the world’s video game capitals.
As for operations, while David Cage and Guillaume de Fondaumière are still at the helm of the Parisian flagship, the new Canadian entity is being taken over by Stéphane D’Astous, who has been offered the General Manager position. Stéphane is a veteran of the Quebec industry, a renowned specialist in creation and development studio management, who intends to make future in-house productions shine.
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Dick Jones

Mar 7, 2015
Delta City
Can’t wait! People can hate on their games all they want but I fucking loved Heavy Rain and Detroit, the more games like that we get the better!
Would love a Hank and Connor specific game. Solving crimes with an overarching theme tying it together. Their sections were incredible at times. Clancy Brown was on fucking fire in that game. If QD are continuing to base their game universes n the US, they need US editors to tweak the scripts.
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