Boy who changed his name from Trump honored by anti-bullying organization


May 9, 2016
Surely you don't expect them to call him a coward for changing his name? Looks to me like they gave the award cause he chose to go back into the school system instead of staying homeschooled.
What I think they should have done, since this can be taken as saying it is courageous to give in to bullies demand, is specify the reason for courage award very clearly, and potentially in every statement to avoid misunderstanding.

Kid that changed his name due to bullying is awarded for courage in choosing to RETURN to school.
It still seems counter-productive and somewhat deranging.
If YOU where to start bullying me? That's nowhere near the same thing.
You're a faceless nobody to me. Another nameless internet user with a pen name and cartoon avatar separated by an unknown distance. You're bullying/antagonism toward me would barely register as a foot note in my day. I could go to your username right now and block you and never know if you where still alive or not. I don't need to go anywhere but I can make you disappear from my point of view.
These are local community kids who he can't just "block" and ignore for the rest of his life and it doesn't take kids long to start resorting to physical bullying. I don't think he's brave for changing his name, that's on him, but he has a lot more guts to keep going to school and live with the bullying.
I think I agree with you here in terms of the reality of feeling bullied, but I'm still not sure if it's actually couragous.

It honestly think it might have been more courageous to be home-schooled than again succumbing to the social pressure and doing what everyone else wants and expects.


Jul 20, 2018
Bullied by lefties for having “Trump” as a last name.

Now bullied by righties for changing it.

This kid can’t catch a fucking break.