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What's Jessie's stake in all this? I mean...clearly the money doesn't really mean shit to him. Why does he keep doing this?
Well, that's kind of the big question heading into S5. We know Walt's too prideful to stop what he's doing, especially since he once again doesn't really have that much money built up from all this. On the other hand, Jesse's got a perfect setup for an out. Things seem to be going well between him and Andrea, he probably has a good chunk of money saved up from his time working for Gus, and he's not obligated to work for anybody who might kill him if he tries quitting.

I can picture Walt trying to get Jesse back in business, but unless they play the "Jesse cooks meth because that's the only thing he's good at" card once again, there doesn't seem to be any reason for him to even talk to Walt again.

That makes me all the more curious to see where they're headed with him, too.
Couple more promo pics:[IMG]




That third pic!

What am I still doing in this thread?!

[quote="Fry8, post: 39005596"]Two exclusive pictures in this link. [url][/url]

One looks to be promotional, the other one directly from an episode (not spoilerish).

And according to IMDb, [url=]these[/url] are pictures from the first episode.[/QUOTE]

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[spoiler]Vamonos pest control! Are they cooking inside of random houses? man! Brilliant.[/spoiler]
I think what all these pictures collectively confirm is
they're still on some level operating on the same loveable small scale lo fi style of doing things
which I think is a pretty significant thing as that was not at all guaranteed after the end of S4.
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