Breath of the Wild seems to be developing quite the fan art following already....

This game is gonna give so much fantastic fan art and since wolf link is in it sort off more wolf link art will be done aswell wich is cool.
Bamboo 竹;228453247 said:
Damnit! All of my lore theories destroyed by a piece of plastic.
You can still make lore theories about then being brother and sister this time .... they are made in a way they could be twins and nobody would bat an eye


No bald cap? Lies!
SS Zelda is still my favorite design for the character.
I'm both sad and relieved I couldn't find a Nazi Zelda drawing to be cheeky with.

But the new one is pretty good, if a bit too sad and helpless looking. Her irises are crazy huge.
A little off topic, but I wonder if the Zora lady we briefly saw in the trailer is actually some sort of reincarnation of Princess Ruto from OOT? Looked kinda like she was flirting with Link for the few seconds we see her there, lol.

Likewise, the bearded Goron fellow seems like a new version of Darunia.
Yup, I actually made a little bit myself but it's ultra shitty compared to everything posted here. There's a good deal of good stuff floating around since the trailer dropped back on Thursday.
I'm sure theres a fan art of that Falco look-a-like saying "personally I prefer the air"

So far I like how all the designs of all the races they've shown. Zoras are my favorite so far