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Spoilers Briefly describing each Temple theme from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask using 1-3 words

Cutty Flam

Dec 3, 2019
Choose one to three words that come to mind when listening to each Temple theme, according to how the music makes you feel. Feel free to describe in further detail below after your list of words if you choose. I thought it would be interesting to hear from others and their thoughts since this is such unique music, and the levels themselves are very unique the same

1. Hunted, Fire Ritual 2. Scientifically Observed, Calculated 3. Confusing Engineering 4. Soothingly Remorseful Hex

Woodfall Temple sounds like savage tribal warriors could be celebrating and calling to spirits while excitedly dancing around a fire at night after capturing someone, maybe an untrustworthy outsider they have no intention of letting go of. That's what I think of now when I listen. As a kid it was kind of unnerving, but after an attentive listen, the theme for Woodfall definitely sounds a lot more intimidating than I had caught onto earlier at such a young age. Not that it is intimidating, but the sound is brilliant in that it delivers an atmosphere that says this is not a place you would want to be associated with. It sounds like there's a witch-doctor high on some kind of drug leading a ritual with his tribe while a 'trespasser' being held captive watches in horror

Snowhead Temple makes use of a bit of Jazz it sounds like. But idk, that Temple just sounds really strange in the sense that I get the feeling that Link is not alone and is being watched. Observed behind a glass by scientists in the complex structure and design of the freezing Temple. Something about it all vaguely reminds me of an element of Resident Evil that I cannot quite discern...I loved this Temple's theme and how it was attached to the feel of Snowhead Temple. Both are very unorthodox; both the music and the overall design. I guess that can be said about every aspect of Majora's Mask if you think about it, but this holds especially true for Snowhead Temple. I've never heard anything like this in any other Zelda game since. It's odd, and experimental, and the sound and feel of the Temple both are very interesting to think about

With the Great Bay Temple, and I love this Temple, the music almost says to me that you as the player must possess some level of intricate knowledge and adept problem solving to make it out of here. It's both serene and hectic and mechanical in sound; mostly the latter two throughout. It's like the music is telling you there's a timer and you must rush through this confusing underwater maze full of lengthy pipe-like tunnels. Side note: thank God Link can turn into a Zora lol, this level would be hell without that ability possibly just as tough as the Water Temple in OOT if Link could not gracefully and quickly swim through the water. But going back to the sound, it's like it's telling the player that this Temple is just you, your brain, and one mechanical conundrum all while the pressure is extremely high and weighing on your mind

Stone Tower Temple makes me feel and think the least out of the four Temple themes, but when I hear it, I more or less can (to a degree) envision Link being under a spell of some kind. The tone is somewhat gloomy, like there exists a sorrow of long forgotten history within the largely open Temple. Like Snowhead Temple, this dungeon's music is not clear to me. More on the ambiguous side and there is a lot of room for interpretation

That's about most of what I have to say and share. Felt like being a bit descriptive, and sort of feeling these four Temples out because they are highly creative in many ways. I think it is a fun idea; to explore the music and how it relates and connects to the gaming side of things. I have always felt like music in a game, the game's OST, is what binds everything together and can very much be - the heart and soul of the entire experience or project itself. No matter how often one might attempt to decipher the music, it is doing so many things. It brings life to a game and a game to life. Music has the potential to accomplish an innumerable amount of things in a game with the limitless creativity that can be added to it