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Bright Memory Infinite - Reveal Trailer (Coming to PC, PS4, Xbox One).


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

《Bright Memory: Infinite》 is an FPS-ACT game developed by FYQD-Studio team. For players who have already purchased《Bright Memory: Episode 1》,the application will automatically upgrade to this new version after complete the Early access version ,the STEAM market interface of chapter I will become 《Bright Memory: Infinite》

《Bright Memory: Episode 1》is kind of a demo or crowdfunding version due to unexpected sales performance.and since we have appropriate conditions now, we are planning on refining this game.We are going to remake all of the plot and levels while keeping the “ACT” core. the follow up plot of 《Bright Memory: Episode 1》 will not be developed since now.We will regularly update some experimental features in Episode 1 for players to experience.

《Bright Memory: Infinite》 will be released as the final version after completing the development. The gameplay process will still be about three hours but the price will be increased slightly . The story of 《Bright Memory: Infinite》 is set In the future city in 2036, strange phenomenas appear in the sky all over the world all of a sudden and the scientists can not even explain.A mysterious organization called SRO(Super Nature Research Organization) sent serveral team members to investigate.Behind this incident is the survival of the "two worlds", a dust-laden history will be revealed.

《Bright Memory: Infinite》 is still in early stage of development. It is planed to be released on XBOX ONE and PlayStation . PC version will support RTX ray tracing. Please look forward to it!
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