Bruce Straley Leaves Naughty Dog

Where do you think Bruce Straley will end up next?

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I'd be in the dick
Sad to see Bruce go but not surprised. There's a lot of talk about how burnt out he was and his output as director at ND has been some of my favorite in any medium. I wish him the best and hope whatever he does next is fun and fulfilling.
Damn. I was looking forward to seeing what he was going to cook up once he returned. Huge loss for Naughty Dog. Best of luck to him. I can't imagine a bunch of studios won't be looking to snatch him up.
Sad to hear. Will look at the situation in a better light which is naughty dog still has the majority of the team behind last of us 2 and Bruce hopefully keeps making games.
Druckmaaaaaan *shakes fist*

In all seriousness though: bummer, I hope he recovers from the burn-out and goes on to great new projects. Dude was seriously talented. Directing UC2 and TLoU make for one stellar resume.

Thanks for everything Bruce. \m/

Re: the poll, I voted the Kaz twitter thing, but... what if... IT WAS HIM ALL ALONG

Fuck, the last good director of Naughty Dog has left... ND no longer one of my top studios

Bet he didn't like ND's new approach to games turning them more into interactive movies with gameplay last focus
a) He's the director of ND's most "cinematic", story-driven games
b) Your speculation is completely unwarranted and unsubstantiated
c) Terrible post all-around and you should feel bad
I hope Naughty Dog as a whole will slow down game development. I feel like more and more people will end up leaving the company because how intense it is to work there trying to reach a deadline. I know this is game development as a whole but something's got to change. It's not worth it putting in so many hours and days without sleep and barely seeing your family.
Sad. A lovely director from a lovely studio. Some of my best gaming moments are from Bruce's games. From what I've watched on DICE Awards and other videos, Bruce's dignity has always been distinctive. Best of luck to him.
It's a shame ND lost 2 of their best directors in such short time. I guess he'll go to a less stressful place than the AAA gaming industry.

Also, no "Directing Thor 2: Dark World videogame adapatation" option in the poll. Missed opportunity.
You guys should know by now you are not to take GearFourth's posts ND threads seriously, they are borderline concern trolling.

Felt like a gut punch when I read the title, but I guess it was to be expected. Good luck and success in your future endeavors, Bruce. Must've been really nice to demo TLoU in front of many people during that E3 gameplay reveal.
I think having to helm what was left of U4 took a toll on him. I mean Neil had said they had already started working on prototypes for TLOU 2 when Bruce and him were told to finish U4.
If I had to guess it has more to do with dev burnout than anything. He's probably going to return in some form to a job that does not require he gives his life to it. ND makes great games but there's a huge price to pay in making those.
sucks about Bruce, i think he's taking a break from huge AAA game development

won't be the first time we've seen that either

game industry is a meat grinder man


Now what's the next step in your master plan?
I'm not sure Straley will stay in the business from the way he talks about his Sabbatical and even in that final farewell letter. Seems like he still loves gaming but was really really burnt out on how they make AAA games. If he does stay in the industry I expect something outside the realm of AAA game development as why jump from one crunch time studio to another?

Thanks so much for all you've done Bruce. Literally a bunch of my favorite games of all time.

Wish you luck and cant wait to see what you work on next.

ND will be fine. They are packed to the gills with talent.
Good luck on his future endeavors. I appreciate all the great titles he's contributed to while at Naughty Dog.

I wonder what's on the horizon for him?
Just read Press Sneak Fucks book.

What a brutal grind going from TLOU crunch right into Uncharted 4 crunch. I guess he wanted to ship Lost Legacy before fully bowing out. But we knew this was coming, right? It was in the book that he was going to leave.
Sad to see him go as he directed my favourite ND games but I hope he gets to recharge and do something new.

With regards to the poll, I highly doubt he'd leave ND to join another studio. It's more likely that he'll open his own development house or maybe do something not game related at all.

Good luck on whatever you want to do next and thank you for some of the best gaming memories of all time. Especially the virtually perfect Uncharted 2.

Like others have said, it may take some time but he's so good at making games that hopefully some day if he wants to he'll return even to make smaller games with his own indie studio or something like that.

Not shocking after a sabbatical. Dude deserves all the rest he can get after shipping a few titles that pushed the medium forward in their own ways.

ND is in good hands.
Yeah. He killed it with his games and ND is in good hands with their existing and up and coming talent.

Dude is responsible for some of the best moments in gaming history. I'm sure he's confident leaving ND in good hands, but, man, *any* team would be lesser in his absence.

Hope he continues to kill it, wherever he goes.
This industry makes no sense.

TLoU2 will likely be their biggest game yet ,and his departure will definitely be a negative thing.

Same thing with Adam Boyle leaving Sony at the height of PS4's success.

I guess even too much success can be a bad thing.