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<<BUNGIE>> "Favourites" Thread #10 (Curated Poll)


  • Myth: The Fallen Lords

  • Myth 2: Soulblighter

  • Oni

  • Halo: Combat Evolved

  • Halo 2

  • Halo 3

  • Halo 3: ODST

  • Halo: Reach

  • Destiny

  • Destiny 2

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Heyo, I'm back, temporarily, to keep this fun little exercise going.

... The tale so far....
Voted best Assassin's Creed title: Assassin's Creed 2
Voted best Supergiant Games title: Hades*
Voted best Blizzard title: Diablo 2 + Expansion/Remaster
Voted best Rockstar title: Red Dead Redemption 2
Voted best Naughty Dog title: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
Voted best Valve title: Half-Life 2
Voted best Bungie title: --
Voted best FromSoftware title: Bloodborne
Voted best Bethesda Softworks title: The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim
Voted best Bioware title: Mass Effect 2
Voted best Konami title: --
Voted best Arkane Studios title: --
Voted best Id Software title: --
Voted best Obsidian title: --
Yes, I intend to make some kind of graphic for this, but probably in a later thread because I'm busy atm.

Next was and is still Konami, but I put Bungie in the left column because I'm all about balance and leaving one ungreen'd at the bottom of said column upsets my OCD. We're on to Bungie, and it's HALO TIIIIME. Oni too.

Widely praised developrs of the historic Halo franchise for xBox, among other titles, Bungie have seemingly always done themselves credit, and we come here today to elect a single title that we feel is their best ever.

Not much more to say there.

Notes on the poll. I like Oni, so that's in. Halo is obviously in. Whichever or the hugely successful online shooters they're responsible for more recently is also in. I'm not sure about anything else.
stay tuned for Konami...

If you have any suggestions for developers we can vote on, let me hear them!

IF you vote but don't bump the thread:



My opinion on Bungie's output has changed over the years, but Halo has always been their best work, hands down. Right now, Halo 3 lands the best, but previously Halo: CE would've taken the crown. Destiny started out with the right ideas, but they've lost their way on that one. Hopefully whatever they do next is better.


CE for me, I'm not even sure any of the games that came after CE actually exist :p (not true, played them all but destiny 2, but like yeah) It was a revolution, it was wonderfully built, and key - - it was perfect co-op.


I'm thinking of more developers to add to the list.

I guess DICE and whoever do COD should be in there...

Maybe we'll have to do Nintendo... MAybe we'll break that down into franchises...

Sega, Total War series, warhammer included... Yuhh we've got work to do!


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Halo: CE at the time completely blew my mind so Ill go with that. I remember playing it online via Xbconnect and to this day it was probably the most fun I ever had with a multiplayer FPS online.
Halo CE was revolutionary but I'm going with Halo 3. I don't look back fondly on halo 2 campaign though that game was revolutionary as well for Xbox live and multiplayer.


Halo 2 created so many things that are now considered industry standard but were revolutionary at the time.

There's a current multi-part podcast releasing every Friday called Halo 2 Artifacts which interviews Max Hoberman, the Lead Multiplayer Designer for Halo 2. It's a great reminder of just how far ahead of the game Bungie was compared to everyone else when it came to online gaming. Not only that, the things they had in mind for Halo 2 that ended up getting cut and eventually appearing in Halo 3 were mind-blowing for a game developed in the early 00's.
It’s really tough, it’s definitely between 3 or CE. I think 3 is the overall better package but CE was the most special and unique

I’d go with 3 personally


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Halo 3 because it felt that it perfected Bungie’s Halo formula, but Halo CE was a very close second.


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I really enjoyed ODST, alongside Halo Wars 1&2 I just find the spin off games far more interesting than green biker marine.

I think its why I played Imperial Guard in 40k instead of a Space Marine army, there is something far more interesting about a well trained soldier in flak armour achieving something close to a super enhanced human with the best equipment humanity can give.


Didn't Bungie also make Marathon? It's not in the poll.
My bad I chose not to include it because I've never heard of it, but that's nothing new, if more than one person asks for it I'll chuck it in the poll... be sure to hold ur vote until i've added the option though (anyone else reading this)


Halo Reach is their most polished and balanced experience, so gets my vote. Halo 3 is a close second for how epic that campaign was, despite some levels being a slog.


Tough choice here.

I went with Halo 3 because I definitely spent the most time with that one in the 360 days. Reach was also excellent. If I went with pure time invested, I'd have gone with Destiny 2 at this point, but I'd go Halo 3 over it all day, every day.


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I went with CE, but Halo 3 is up there. Everything else is so far behind it makes me sad since I used to be such a huge fan of them. They are like a band that peaked and then just went downhill.
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Bungie is a huge part of why Xbox is what it is today. I never got their genius till I played Destiny regularly. And I am 100% confident they are going to set the world on fire with their Matter MMO. What a talented bunch who knows how to suck their player base dry.
I didn’t get into Halo until later, but my two favorite Bungie ones were Reach and 3. I like them both about the same. 3 had a great dual wielding system that they shouldn’t have gotten rid of, and I really liked the customization options in Reach. Halo 2’s Campaign I think is arguably better than 3 and Reach’s, but I liked the overall package of 3 and Reach more (since I never got to play 2’s mp in it’s heyday. If I had maybe my opinion would be different).

I have played the games online in MCC, but after trying them all I still tend to gravitate to 3 and Reach.


Halo Reach is their most polished and balanced experience, so gets my vote. Halo 3 is a close second for how epic that campaign was, despite some levels being a slog.
I expected more of this, Reach seemed to be really well received, and it's an interesting set-up
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Jeez Halo 3 and CE are damn close

Oni. I enjoyed the hell out of that game. Never been the biggest Halo fan. Fuck Destiny.
i totally loved that game, thought it was so stylish and new.. played it years before i know ghost in the shell too
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What the eff is this thread? No history knowledge?

Marathon 2 > Myth 2 > Halo ODST > Halo 2 > Halo CE > Myth > Halo Reach > Marathon > Halo 3 > Oni


What the eff is this thread? No history knowledge?

Marathon 2 > Myth 2 > Halo ODST > Halo 2 > Halo CE > Myth > Halo Reach > Marathon > Halo 3 > Oni
Thanks for bumping my thread to catch more votes.

Less thankful for your pointless dig about my *curated* poll with notes in the OP.

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