Butt thread


so it's not nice
Apr 2, 2013
臺北市, 臺灣
She 19. She got in trouble for selling child porn (i.e her own pics) to internet creeps when she was younger. But all's well that ends well, she's making ~$140,000/month from just 2,000 thirsty neck-beards on patreon.

What got her into stardom were these anime style dead-raped faces she started posting on instagram.

Everything that's wrong and broken with current society, is encapsulated in her and her fan-base. And that's ok by me, we always have the global thermonuclear war option to wipe the slate clean.
This is the best post of the thread, lol.
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Mar 20, 2017
Alright, who's ass is the one in black? My little friend would like to know.
Alright, since I also wanted to know I went onto a 1 hour long searching spree and finally found the girl. Her name is Tomomi Motozawa.

Yes she has a thicc ass, yes she is a cute asian and yes she is a jav star. :messenger_smirking: The gif in question is from a full movie with the code MAGURO-057.

Here some other gifs of her: