Buy every SNES game for $24,999


A collector is selling all of the 721 Super Nintendo games ever released in the States, Mexico and Canada for $24,999.

The seller, Byuu, took to Reddit to explain that all the games come in their original boxes, while about 85% of the titles still have their manuals. Additionally, every game has apparently been tested with Byuu vouching that, "They all work perfectly."

Byuu explained that he originally assembled the set over a period of three years in order to "obtain scans and clean verified dumps for every game," which he has now successfully done. He plans to use all of the money from selling the collection to buy complete European and Japanese sets.

In the listing on eBay, Byuu has listed all of the games that are available, as well as rated the individual game based on its condition. The price is apparently negotiable and Byuu will consider offers made outside of the auction site, too.
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I guess he did take it to eBay. He was saying on his site how he did not want to do that. But that is still a lot of money to ask for the set. Hopefully he can find a buyer, i admire what he is doing to ensure clean sets.
Most of those games aren't worth jack (Even CIB)...but if he thought about parting them up, I would take Harvest Moon and Chrono Trigger off his hands...


The flight plan I just filed with the agency list me, my men, Dr. Pavel here. But only one of you!
It's awesome how Killer Instinct sticks out in the bottom pic.


Nine out of ten orphans can't tell the difference.


Nine out of ten orphans can't tell the difference.
Ok seriously, someone needs to link me to an article or video that explains why Earthbound is talked about in such a way by people on GAF... makes it sound as if it was an orgasm in cartridge form.
The price is worth it for his efforts alone... I mean bsnes is crazy the efforts he spent. He actually had people dissect chips (applying acid to break it apart a layer at a time, and then having hi-res x-ray scans done on the inner workings) costing him thousands of dollars of his own money. Not to mention the thousands of hours he likely put into everything.