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Buy/Sell/Trade Thread 2015 Part 3 | Read the OP, and Prepare to Buy

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Feb 20, 2013
Buy/Sell/Trade 2015 Feedback List

DISCLAIMER: the NeoGAF administration has no authority over any transactions facilitated by this thread and cannot be held responsible for whatever results from buying, selling, or trading goods or services within the thread. We advise caution and common sense.

This thread is for private transactions, not for advertising your company.

A Note About Payments

  • In this thread, sellers accept a wide variety of payment options (cash, PayPal, Amazon Payments, etc). Please note, when paying via PayPal there are two options - regular payment and Gift payment. Gift payment, while freeing the seller from incurring fees, leaves the buyer with little to no protection in the event the transaction goes south. We recommend PayPal Gift payments be made with the utmost discretion and that you reserve them for transactions where you're absolutely certain of the integrity of the person with whom you're dealing. There are some options for buyers who use PayPal Gift in the event of a non-delivery of goods, but they can be unpredictable and dangerous. Remember: PayPal Gift is risky, and only use it if you are completely confident in the transaction.
  • If you're any type of "Plus" Seller (a further explanation can be found in the feedback sheet), feel free to add one of these icons to your B/S/T listings. Thanks to C-Drive for creating these images. And don't attempt to use one if you're not at the appropriate level. We're always watching.

NOTE: All feedback must now be left in this Feedback thread. Moving forward, the B/S/T Trade Thread is only for posting items.

Basic Ground Rules

1. Re-listing sales (aka: do not spam)
  • The community here believes 150-200 posts is a good benchmark for waiting before re-listing something. Users have commented that some sellers repost their sales too often, making the thread feel cluttered with spam. This is unacceptable, since it's fair to say we're all annoyed when the same listings appear again and again on every page. We think 150 posts is a reasonable number to wait.
  • Do not post "spacer" posts at the end of a page in an attempt to place your items at the top of the next page. Users monitor several pages back for items, so your post will be seen.
  • Don't think adding new items to a list means you can bypass the 150-200 post benchmark. Also, never create a post to announce some sale, special, or discount to bypass the 150-200 post benchmark. A user's post should constitute just that - his or her post until you can post again. Update your original post with all relevant sales information. This thread operates under the assumption that members will follow the very few rules that we have. Respect those rules, and other users, by following them.

2. No off-site sales or auctions

  • The Buy/Sell/Trade thread is meant for members on this forum to buy/sell/trade within the community. It isn't a thread for people to promote off-site sales or auctions. If you choose to sell or auction on a public site elsewhere, that's your decision. Do not spam those things back into this thread. There's a specific function for the thread, and linking to your auctions is not that function.
3. No need to whine
  • Everyone involved is just either looking to buy, sell, or trade. If someone wants a certain amount of money for something, the amount of money it's worth will be determined by the people willing to pay for it. There's no need to guilt people for selling items they received for free or fussing about perceived overcharging. It's a free market.
4. No illegal shit
  • I think this goes without saying, but JUST IN CASE. Do not sell stolen goods (and don't steal in the first place :-D); do not sell pirated goods; do not sell illegal products; and do not sell anything here which could cause trouble for the forum. If we get a complain about such stuff, you will get banned and the listing(s) will get deleted, because... duh. Oh, and don't try to trade any of that shit either.
5. No lotteries/sweepstakes
  • This is a thread for members to BUY/SELL/TRADE goods. This is not a thread where members sign up for a "chance" to win something. No raffles, lotteries, sweepstakes, or Hunger Games of any kind.
6. Format Pictures
  • If your post involves pictures of your items, you must surround those pictures with the "code" option in the Advanced Editing Options. The viewing experience for mobile users should be just as enjoyable as using a computer, but large and obtrusive pictures slow down the entire thread and create unnecessary clutter. Bottom line - ain't nobody got time for that. If you're unsure about how to fix the pictures, here's step #1 and here's step #2.
7. Eliminate Sold Items
  • If you've completed a previous transaction, it should go without saying that all future listings remove that particular item. If a deal is still in process, you can still leave the item in your posts. However, as soon as the deal has been completed, you need to remove the item and take new pictures that reflect your current stock for all future posts. It's easier to post the same pictures and cross items out from existing lists, we know. But it doesn't keep the thread clean and spiffy. Think of your fellow traders.
8. Normal forum rules apply
  • This thread isn't any different from any other thread in terms of general moderation. This means the stuff that's banned elsewhere is also banned here. This usually isn't a problem because we tend to avoid such discussions in this thread, but man - has it happened in the past. Remember the rules, and treat each other with decency.
9. The Feedback Sheet!

10. Old B/S/T Threads

2015 - Part 1
2015 - Part 2

Volunteers needed to update the feedback list. If you are a member in good standing who would like to help update the list 1-2 hours per week, please PM sabanoo, ekgrey, properpropaganda, or me.

Like the hat?

Nov 10, 2006
Looking to sell the following (all complete):

Final fantasy type o hd ps4
Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor ps4
Borderlands 2 vita
Tearaway vita
Code Name STEAM 3DS
Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D 3ds
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy 3DS
Dead or Alive Dimensions 3DS
Regular Show 3DS
Radiant Historian DS
Watch Dogs Wii U
Mass effect 3 Wii U
Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon 3ds

More to come

Would trade any of the above for the following amiibo, 1:1. Don't have to be in box. Loose is fine.

Gold Mario

Also interested in a Pebble watch (1st gen)


Jun 7, 2004
I would suggest having a link to the previous thread in the OP, so people can easily reference older posts without having to search for the old thread in future since it is no longer stickied.


Jun 1, 2009
Huh this is new to me, what's the difference between putting images in CODE tags and QUOTE tags?
I've been using QUOTE all this time


Feb 14, 2005
Kyoto, Japan

Want To Buy

North American NES games. Wanted list here: http://www.nintendoage.com/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=56&threadid=147289

For Sale

Shipping from Japan...

Point cards

Nintendo eShop 1000, 3000, and 5000 yen cards
PSN 3000, 5000, and 10,000 yen cards
$12 per 1000 yen, code delivery within 24 hours.


These games (sold separately) are for the FamicomBox demo unit used in Japanese stores and hotels, and play in NES-101 top-loaders and lockout-disabled NES-001 front-loaders:

Adventure Island, Baseball, Golf, Mario Bros., Tennis, and Wild Gunman.

Anything gaming-related that you want to find!

Name a game. Name a system. I'll quote you a price, go buy it for you, and ship it to your door anywhere in the world.

Japanese translation!

I've studied Japanese for over 15 years, lived in Japan since 2008, and have passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, Level N1. I provide lots of free translations of gaming events in Japan on Twitter as @Cheesemeister3k. I can quickly and accurately translate several pages' worth of gaming-related Japanese into English for you at reasonable rates.

Famicom hardware!

AV Famicom $100
Accessories available to-order with purchase of an AV Famicom...
AC adapter $15
Dogbones $15 ea.

Famicom games!

Prices valid as of August 29th, 2015. Pictures, cleaning, and testing available upon request. I accept US dollars or North American NES games in trade.

$7 1942
$2 10-Yard Fight
$5 Adventures of Dino Riki
$4 Aighina no Yogen: From the Legend of Balubalouk
$2 Akakage
$6 All Pro Basketball
$5 Antarctic Adventure
$2 Argus
$2.50 Astro Robo Sasa
$1.50 Bad News Baseball
$1.50 Bases Loaded
$1.50 Best Play Pro Baseball
$1 Birdie Rush Golf Club
$10 Blaster Master
$5 Captain Tsubasa
$2 Castlequest
$2 Challenger
$3 Champion Yosuke-Ide's Mah-Jong
$5 Chubby Cherub
$6 Circus Charlie
$5 City Connection
$3 Clu Clu Land
$4 Commando
$10 Cosmic Epsilon
$5 Cycle Race: Road Man
$7 Desert Commander
$4 Dig Dug II
$4 Donkey Kong Jr.
$8 Donkey Kong Jr. Math
$3 Door Door
$5 Dragon Ball Z: Kyôshū! Saiyan
$5 Dragon Ball: Daimaou Fukkatsu
$3 Dragon Spirit: The New Legend
$2 Dragon Warrior III
$3 Dragon Warrior IV
$5 Dungeon Magic: Sword of the Elements
$10 Elnark no Zaihou
$3 Excitebike
$3 Exed Exes
$1 F-1 Race
$2.50 Family Mahjongg II: The Road to Shanghai
$1 Family Stadium
$1 Family Stadium '87
$1 Family Stadium '88
$2 Family Stadium '90
$11 Galaga
$7 Ganbare Goemon Gaiden: Kieta Ougon Kiseru
$3 Ganbare Pennant Race
$3 Ganso Saiyuuki: Super Monkey Daibouken
$3 Gegege no Kitarou 2: Youkai Squadron Challenge
$1 Geimos
$5 Gekitotsu Yonku Battle
$1.50 Genpei Touma Den
$16 Getsu Fuuma Den
$6 Ghostbusters
$2 Glory of Heracles: Legend of the Fighting Demon's Lair
$5 Godzilla: Monster of Monsters
$1 Golf
$1.50 Gomoku Narabe Renju
$3 Gozonji: Yaji Kita Chin Douchuu
$1.50 Gyrodine
$5 Gyuwanburaa Jiko Chuushin Ha
$1.50 Gyuwanburaa Jiko Chuushin Ha 2
$11 Ikari Warriors
$7 Ike-Ike!! Nekketsu Hockey Bu
$2 Ikki
$4 Image Fight
$3 JaJaMaru no Daibouken
$5 JaJaMaru: Ninpou Chou
$1.50 Jikuu Yuten: Debias
$16 Joy Mech Fight
$4 Jumbo Osaki's Hole-in-One Professional
$2 Juvei Quest
$4 Kaijuu Monogatari
$1.50 Kamen Rider Club: Collision Shocker Land
$8 Karateka
$4 Keisan Game 1-nen
$5 Keisan Game 2-nen
$4 Keisan Game 3-nen
$4 Kero-Kero Keroppi's Great Adventure
$26 Kid Dracula
$5 King Kong 2: Ikari no Megaton Punch
$2.50 King's Knight
$8 Kiteretsu Daihyakka
$1.50 Kung Fu Heroes
$4 Kyonshies 2
$2 Kyuukyoku Harikiri Stadium
$4 Kyuukyoku Harikiri Stadium III
$1.50 Kyuukyoku Harikiri Stadium: '88 Players New Data Version
$3 Kyuukyoku Harikiri Stadium: 1989 Edition
$14 Life Force
$1 Little Ninja Brothers
$6 Mendel Palace
$2 Mickey Mousecapade
$3 Mirai Shinwa Jarvas
$3 Mito Koumon: Tenka no Goiken-ban
$2 Mobile Suit Z Gundam: Hot Scramble
$1 Morita Shogi
$1.50 MotoRace USA
$1.50 Ninja Kid
$3 Osomatsu-kun: Back to the My Overbite Chapter
$2.50 Othello
$12 Pac-Man
$1 Pinball
$10 Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom
$7 Quarth
$2 Romance of the Three Kingdoms: Chuugen no Hasha
$7 Rygar
$2 Saint Seiya: Ougon Densetsu Kanketsu Hen
$6 Sakigake!! Otokojuku
$4 Sanada Ten Braves
$2 Sanrio Carnival
$6 SD Gundam Battle Sumo: Heisei Hero Tournament
$3 SD Gundam Gachapon Warriors 2: Capsule Warriors
$3 SD Gundam Gachapon Warriors 3: Hero Tale
$3 SD Gundam Gachapon Warriors 4: New-Type Story
$5 SD Gundam Gachapon Warriors 5
$3 SD Gundam Gaiden: Knight Gundam Story
$5 SD Gundam Gaiden: Knight Gundam Story 3: Legend of the Knights
$5 SD Gundam Great Battle Cyber
$2 SD Gundam Hero Showdown: Defeat the Evil Enemies
$3 Seicross
$6 Seikima II Akuma no Gyakushuu!
$4 Seirei Gari
$5 Sekiryuuou
$4 Shadowgate
$4 Shinsenden
$4 Side Pocket
$2.50 Sky Destroyer
$2.50 Soccer
$8 SonSon
$3 Space Invaders
$5 Spy vs. Spy
$5 Square's Tom Sawyer
$3 Star Force
$2 Star Luster
$4 Star Voyager
$10 Star Wars
$4 Sugoro Quest
$6 Sukeban Keiji III
$7 Super Arabian
$5 Super Mario Bros.
$2 Super Real Baseball '88
$3 Super Star Force: Jikuureki no Himitsu
$3 Super Xevious: GAMP no Nazo
$3 Superman
$18 Sweet Home
$1.50 Tecmo World Wrestling
$4 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game
$22 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project
$2 Tenkaichi Bushi Keru Naguuru
$2 Tennis
$6 Tetris 2 & Bombliss
$3 Tetris Flash
$5 The Earth Fighter Rayieza
$2.50 The Legend of Kage
$5 The Magic of Scheherazade
$12 The Quest of Ki
$5 Thunderbirds
$3 Track & Field II
$2 Tsuppari Ouzumou
$5 Tsurikichi Sanpei: Blue Marlin Edition
$1.50 Uchuusen: Cosmo Carrier
$1 Ultima III: Exodus
$4 Ultraman Club 2
$4 Ultraman Club 3
$3 Urban Champion
$4 Urusei Yatsura: Lum no Wedding Bell
$2 Volguard II
$1 WCW World Championship Wrestling
$10 Whomp 'Em
$4 Winners' Cup
$5 Wizardry III: Legacy of Llylgamyn
$3 Xexyz
$4 Yie Ar Kung-Fu
$5 Ys I: Ancient Ys Vanished
$3 Zoids: Chuuou Tairiku no Tatakai
$1 Zunou Senkan Garu

NeoGAF: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
NintendoAge: 71+


Oct 31, 2012
Payment through PayPal. Would prefer PayPal Gift (to avoid fees), but please let me know if you're hesitant about that.
All prices listed have standard shipping costs included, and will only ship to Canada or USA (no worldwide).
For any inquiries, please message me.

"The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask" Limited Edition New Nintendo 3DS XL(BNIB)
CAD $315 / USD $265

"Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate" Collector's Edition for 3DS (BNIB) + Bonus Felyne Pin (BNIB)
CAD $115 / USD $95

"Demon Gaze" Collector's Edition for PSVita (minor damage to inside of box from when it was originally shipped from NISA)
CAD $115 / USD $95

"Adventure Time: Hey Ice King Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?" Collector's Edition for 3DS (opened, but great conditiion)
CAD $115 / USD $95

"Codename S.T.E.A.M" for 3DS (BNIB)
CAD $40 / USD $35

"The Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds" or "Super Smash Brothers for 3DS/Wii U" posters (set of three posters; All in good condition, but the Zelda posters have some ink coloring on the back of the posters, but don't seep through to the front.) (Club Nintendo Bonus)
CAD $50 / USD $45

"Super Smash Brothers for 3DS/Wii U" Soundtrack (BNIB) (Club Nintendo Bonus)
CAD $30 / USD $25

"Yoshi" Plushie (Club Nintendo Bonus)
CAD $55 / USD $45

Wired Controller for Xbox 360
CAD $35 / USD $30

GG Button
CAD $30 / USD $25

"House" The Complete Series DVD box set (BNIB)
CAD $115 / USD $95


Sep 20, 2014
I have sold on here before and bought 2 digital codes as well .
Discounts on postage if you buy more than one item :D.

Metal Gear Solid V - GAME UK - Snake + Quiet Blood Preorder Poster - £20 - Excluding postage

Final Fantasy XIV:ARR Collectors Edition - PC - New -£30 - Including postage
PS3 Collectors edition Disk+Codes(Sealed) - £5 excluding postage.
Should also include the fat chocobo mount. Includes 30 day subscription. 14 day trial available via Playstation store or FFXIV website for pc.
Steins Gate - Limited Edition - PS VITA - NEW -£35 excluding postage:
Super saiyan Trunks - with background/stand - £10 including postage:
Final Fantasy Type 0 Steelbook Edition - PS4 - £20 excluding postage:
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution Collectors Edition Steelbook only - no game - £25 excluding postage:
The back of this is plain white.

Child of Light Complete edition - Vita - UK copy - Unused dlc - £10 excluding postage:
I'm selling my Playstation 3 tales of collection. Everything has been kept in great condition, I've played the games once and then put them on the shelf. Everything has been looked at once, artbooks etc.
Includes :
Tales of Graces f - SPECIAL edition
Tales of Xillia 1 & 2 - Day 1 edition
Tales of Symphonia Chronicles - Collectors edition - figures were assembled but never actually used/displayed - collete's stick support thing was missing straight out of the box.
£110 excluding Postage.
From an EXTREMELY clean,pet-free & smoke free home

I also have:
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call - Limited Edition
With the soundtrack still sealed, but the game has been played - everything looks brand new though - £25 excluding postage.
Double sided - Bloodborne/The Order A3 Poster - £10 excluding postage - FREE if you buy another physical item

Official(From launch event) Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix Poster A4 - £10 excluding postage
Everything is from an EXTREMELY clean,pet-free & smoke free home.

Amazon UK OR US gift cards
Mid-High Range Graphics card[Not a titan x etc] - Would prefer to trade something for used.
Digimon World 1 - In great condition
Digimon,Kingdom Hearts or Code Geass Merch from Japan.
For:Trade or part exchange for something above or paypal depending on item.


Nov 7, 2013
Looking to buy

Destiny The Taken King: Legendary Edition (need 2 copies or 1 copy and also the two dlc and The Taken King)

If you have either let me know.

For Sale

OnePlus One: Snapdragon 801, 3gb RAM, 64GB ROM. It is in great shape, no scratches on the screen and has been in a Tudia Cygen case since I bought it (which you get). You get the phone, original box, case, and charger. I'd like $250.00 shipped, you pay paypal fees. I have pictures if you want to see them. Also it has Broken OS 3.8 installed and is rooted. It is factory Unlocked. The phone has been factory reset and I made sure all my files are gone. I can reinstall Cyanogen if that is what you want. It does come with a nano sim and micro sim tray.


Oct 25, 2013

Minecraft PS Vita Edition - $12
Cross-Buy with PS3. Allows upgrade to PS4 version for $5


Feb 20, 2013
I would suggest having a link to the previous thread in the OP, so people can easily reference older posts without having to search for the old thread in future since it is no longer stickied.
Done. Thanks, Duckroll. Appreciate the help you and the other mods always give us.


Mar 26, 2012

All prices include shipping. Payment by PayPal gift or buyer covers the fees. PM with any questions or for more photos.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Limited Edition
- brand new, sealed, has to rips on the sides
- $75

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD Limited Edition
- brand new, sealed
- $95

Nintendo 3DS The Legend of Zelda Special Edition
- outer box has dents and rips, inner box has a rip on the flap
- comes with charger and charging base
- system itself has a couple of scratches on top, plus some worn-out spots
- screens are great, no scratches, just smudges
- does not include the stylus or game
- $120

Nintendo DSi XL Mario 25th Anniversary Special edition
- outer box in good shape, some bends on the opening flap
- comes with a charger and the large, extra stylus
- system is in very good condition, top has some imprint left from the safety bag
- screens are nice, bottom has a couple of scratches from light use
- no game included
- $90

Game Boy Advance SP with a couple of games
- 3 complete games: Monopoly, Pac-Man Pinball Advance, Snood
- 2 carts: Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring & Codename: Kids Next Door Vol 1 Video
- AGB-001, system was heavily used, lots of scratches on the outer case
- screen is nice, some small scratches
- comes with a carrying case and a hard case, plus a 3rd-party charger
- $40


Dec 25, 2007

Note 4 32gb black. Originally ATT but it is unlocked. I switched to the iPhone 6 Plus.

Phone is in great condition and has a tempered glass screen protector on it. No box. Just phone, third party charger, and s pen.

Looking for $365 shipped in the US. PM me for pictures.

En Ex

Apr 20, 2012

Pillars of Eternity: Hero Edition Steam key: $20 via PayPal or the equivilant amount in CS:GO in-game items (must take Steam Market transaction fees into account).

PM me or add me on Steam!
Aug 31, 2010
+16 Buyer / +8 Seller - Local pick up available in Denver/Boulder, CO area.


Gamecube bundle - $120 shipped
Platinum Gamecube - comes with AV cable and 2 power supplies
Official memory card
Official platinum controller (slightly damaged but works fine; see pics)
Official black controller
Platinum Wavebird wireless controller
The Legend of Zelda: OOT and OOT Master Quest
Resident Evil 0

Nintendo Power 110 Magazines - $130 + shipping (exact cost, whatever it will be)

1988 Nov/Dec
1989 Jan/Feb
1989 Mar/Apr
1989 May/June
1989 July/Aug
1989 Sep/Oct
1989 Nov/Dec
1990 Mar/Apr
16, 20-23, 26-27, 29-33, 36-39, 41-48, 50, 52-55, 57-74, 81-90, 92-99, 102-138


Jul 13, 2014
Modesto, CA
New thread already huh? Well guess its time to post again lol


Selling a few of my consoles along with some games from my collection. Everything has been tested and works great.

NTSC- J PS2 (Japanese PS2) SCPH-10000 model- $120
System comes with a controller, cables, memory card, and 3 games( all complete) which are the following:

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix II+

Tekken Tag Tournament

[IMG]http://i.imgur.com/U3E2YJp.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/SQLY0ZC.jpg[/IMG]
The system is region locked and will only work with Japanese PS1 and PS2 games.

Sega Dreamcast NTSC-U- $100

Comes with two controllers, two VMUS (with new batteries included), cables, and 3 games.

Resident Evil Code Veronica

Skies Of Arcadia

Soul Calibur

Gamecube Games

Eternal Darkness Sanity's Requiem- SOLD

The Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess- $50

Paper Mario The Thousand Year Old Door- SOLD

Resident Evil 3 Nemesis- $25

Star Fox Adventures (No Manual)- SOLD

Tales Of Symphonia- $18

GBA Games:

Fire Emblem- $28

Yugioh World Championship 2004- $8

Naruto Ninja Council- $5

DS Games

Pokemon Diamond- $15

Flame Red Original 3DS

Upgraded to a new 3ds and no longer have any need for it, system has been completely reset so do what you want with it.

System does not come with a charger or stylus but it works great and has served me well for the past 3 years I have gamed on it.

Send me whatever offer you want for it and we can see where to go from there.

I accept Paypal Gift (or pay fees), PM if interested. I will only ship to US so sorry international buyers

James Scott

May 24, 2014
Skylanders super chargers Wii U and Wii sans DK and Bowser.
Each version includes the game, portal, vehicle (including the DK and Bowser vehicles) and super shot stealth elf. Looking for eShop or Amazon credit. Would like 50 for the Wii U one, 35 for the Wii one.
If you're interested let me know.
Would be willing to listen to offers


all good things
Feb 24, 2005
USA, Maryland

Digital Movie Codes

The Venture Bros The Complete Season 5 (Ultraviolet) - $10
Hannibal Season 1 (Ultraviolet) - $10
Hannibal Season 2 (Ultraviolet) - $10

John Wick (iTunes) - $4
Maps to the Stars (iTunes) - $4
The Rover (Ultraviolet) - $4
Edge of Tomorrow (Ultraviolet) - $4
Hercules (2014, iTunes or Ultraviolet) - $4
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (iTunes or Ultraviolet) - $4
The Conjuring (Ultraviolet) - $4
12 Years a Slave (Ultraviolet) - SOLD
Fruitvale Station (Ultraviolet) - $4
Noah (Ultraviolet or iTunes) - $4
Training Day (Ultraviolet) - $4
Out of the Furnace (Ultraviolet) - $4
The Counselor (Ultraviolet) - $4
Elysium (UltraViolet) - $4
The Guest (iTunes) - $4
The Evil Dead (2013, Ultraviolet) - $4

The Act of Killing (requires some VHX app but includes both cuts of film) - $3

Xbox One Digital Codes

Halo: The Master Chief Collection - *SOLD*

PS Vita Digital Codes

Lego the Movie Videogame - $8

Wii U Digital Codes

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition - $5
SteamWorld Dig - $3

3DS Digital Codes

Might Switch Force - $3

Steam Codes

Beat Hazard Ultra - $3
Dynamite Jack - $3
Broken Sword: Director's Cut - $3
The Bard's Tale - $3
Organ Trail: Director's Cut - $3
Solar 2 - $3

I accept Paypal

All of these codes are my personal codes so buy with confidence!


Nov 2, 2007

New 3ds XL Majora's Mask edition open to offers
Practically brand new. Bought it at launch and put screen protectors on it and didn't have any games come out between then and now so it has less than an hour of up time. It also has an ISP display.



Feb 3, 2008

I don't know if this is allowed on the thread or if this exists, but I'd like to buy a GBA flash cart that saves to a card, not with a battery.

I've tried over and over to play Mother 3. I bought the original, played to Ch. 3, but couldn't understand it (obviously). I tried to emulate it, but the combat system has timing elements that don't work on an emulator. I bought a repro cart with the translation patch applied, but the battery died. I had another battery put in, but it just wiped my save.

I want to play the game on original hardware, but its really been a challenge. So I'm looking for a flash cart. If this isn't okay to inquire about here, PM me and I'll remove the post.


So, there is a GAFfer who has a card, but its only compatible with DS Lite, and I have a GBA and a DSi. If anyone has a DS Lite they'd trade for a DSi (its a pink DSi), PM me!


May 31, 2012

iPhone 5 or newer. AT&T or unlocked.

Rare replay

Also, if anyone has any cool novelties from Australia, Africa, or Asia I'd be interested. I teach social studies and I'm always looking for cool things to show my students. Can't pay much, but I'd cover shipping costs.


Oct 6, 2010
Ok, I WTS a relatively new built computer that I was using strictly for gaming. Asking $550 Google Wallet (Preferred, because I have a google wallet card ) or Paypal, buyer pays any fees associated with the transaction. I'll eat the cost of shipping. The specs are:

i5 4460 3.2 GHZ CPU
Z97 extreme gaming mother board(supports up to 3 GPUs)
GTX 770 4 GB GPU
3 separate 1tb Hard drives
16 GB memory
Windows 10 pro
Corsair 600 Watt PSU
DVD read and write drive
Antec mid size case with 6 expansion bays and plenty of room for upgrades.

This comp runs super quiet and destroys pretty much any game on the market. She chugs a little on GTA V with everything turned up to High @ 1080 p, but not by much. Runs every game @ 1080 p with settings turned way up. I think this is a great mid range comp and jumping on point for some one new to PC gaming or someone who wants to play games a bit better than PS4 and Xbox one performance. click the link for pictures below.



Mar 5, 2012
San Antonio, TX
XBox One Digital Games for Sale
- Devil May Cry 4 ($20)
- Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag ($5)

Steam Keys
- Final Fantasy Type0 HD ($18)
- Neptunia Re;Birth1 ($18)

Steam Gifts
- Luftrausers ($5)
- Don't Starve + Don't Starve Together ($5)
- Bioshock 1 + 2 + Infinite ($10)

Looking to buy:
- Guitar Hero 3 PS3 Dongle
- Rock Band Stratocaster (Guitar Only)
- XBox 360 Les Paul Guitar


For you.
Dec 14, 2013

Football Manager 2016 - 40$

Total War Attila: 33$

Pillars of Eternity Hero Edition - 15$

NBA 2K16 - 42$

PES 2016- 33$

Mad Max: 20$

MGSV: 44$

Cities Skylines Deluxe: 20$

Grand Ages: Medieval : 32$

Mortal Kombat X: 14$
Mortal Kombat X premium (has season pass): 18$
Arkham Knight : 20$
Arkham Knight Premium (has season pass): 27$
Shadow of Mordor GOTY: 16$


Nov 9, 2011

Metal Gear Solid V CE code (PS4) - SOLD
Final Fantasy XV Duscae (PS4) - SOLD

I'd prefer PayPal gift or fees paid if possible.


Oct 30, 2011
The Interweb

Minecraft PS3/Vita Voucher (U.S.)
Can upgraded to PS4 version on PSN for $5
- $12 PayPal

Batman Arkham Knight With Season Pass (PS4)
- $60 OBO

XBONE Destiny Legendary Edition Voucher
(Includes Base Game, Expansion 1, 2 and Taken King, Early Weapon Pack and Suros Weapon Pack)
- $55 PayPal OBO

Bungie Code for Blacksmith Shader
(Should work for any platform but definitely PS4)
- $30 OBO

XBONE Far Cry 4 Season Pass
- $10 OBO


$20 Xbox Money (Euro)
$20 Xbox Money (USD)


Dec 18, 2011
A paper street house

PS4 Games
I won't offer any prices as I just don't really like doing that, I've been buying and trading and selling things for so long I rather not spitball and have it go nowhere. I have some credit for gamestop and a giftcard for my local mall so if GAF fails me I can just go there so no biggie if I don't get something.

Final Fantasy X/X-2 Remastered
Shadow Warrior
Driveclub (I know of the deal on the psn store, I'd prefer a physical copy)
Last of Us (same thing, a physical copy pls)
Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition
Infamous Second Son and First Light(think eu got a physical copy for first light)
Killzone Shadow Fall
Lords of the Fallen
One Piece Pirate Warriors 3
Tearaway Unfolded
Wolfenstein: The New Order


May 22, 2013

Sony PS4 w/ 1TB Seagate SSHD, Controllers, Acc.

The PS4 is in great shape and runs well and has the 1TB Seagate SSHD already installed. Comes with the stock black controller, white controller, and white camo controller. The controllers are the same, no signs of the stick wear issues that people are reporting. The SSHD is definitely quicker than the stock drive. Also comes with vertical stand, and Sony dual charger.

$399.99 shipped.


Jan 31, 2012
With a heavy heart I have to sell some of my things off. I have received some bad news about my father, I would love to be able to help my mom's new found medical bills anyway I can. I'm not always available, so if you don't hear back from me right away, I'll usually reply within 24-48 hrs, please understand this. CONUS only please.

OLED Vita (3G), comes with a 16GB card, Extra 8 GB card and Thrustmaster Case. $160 shipped.
GoPro Hero 4 Silver (used a few times but in perfect condition), with Car Suction Mount (never opened) and Side Mount (never opened) $260 shipped.
Wii U Bundle with carry case, with 7 games $480 shipped. SOLD


Feb 9, 2014
London, UK
UK only please.

- Latest model, Nintendo 3DS (on its own or in a bundle)
- Madden 16 (PS4 or Xbox One)
- NHL 16 (PS4 or Xbox One)
- Euro Truck Simulator 2 (PC)

PM me any offers!


Jul 31, 2013

Happy Home Designer Digital Download! North American
Looking to get $25 via Paypal(gift) or $30 via Amazon SOLD


Happy Home Designer Your Office Theme North American
This theme came with digital purchases of Happy Home Designer from the eShop (digital code does not provide this theme)
$5 Paypal


Aug 21, 2007
WTS/WTT (open to price offers within reason)

Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence Limited Edition - includes all discs, bonus movie DVD
Metal Gear Saga DVD
Metal Gear Solid 3 - Japanese copy
Max Payne 3 (Xbox 360) CIB
Final Fantasy XI (PS2) - CIB
Shadow of the Colossus PS2 Demo - Still sealed
Hot Shots Golf 5 Japanese Demo
Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete JP Blu-ray - Has English audio
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Blu-ray Collection - first four movies, character cards, graphic novel.

Einhander - CIB
Threads of Fate - CIB
Wing Commander IV (PS1)
The Big O OST Vol 2
Devil May Cry Deadliest Hits JP OST
Lumines Winter Remix
Dino Crisis 2 JP OST
Final Fantasy VII Advent Children OST
Primal OST
The Bouncer OST
Tommy Tallarico Best of OST - Signed
God of War 2 OST
Enslaved OST - Promo Item

Metal Gear Solid 4 Shinkawa Art Print - included with MGS4 Strategy Guide. Will include it in the frame.
Metal Gear Solid 3 L Book Artbook - Japanese book included with MGS3 JP Limited Edition.
Devil May Cry Graphic File - DMC1 JP artbook
Devil May Cry: Trinity of the Fates

No More Heroes Erotic Cherry Art Prints - JP item from NMH1 PS3 release.

E3 Show Daily - Day 1, Day 2 2006

Konami/Kojima Productions Show Maybe? - E3 2006

E3 2010 Show Daily - Day 1, 2, 3
E3 2011 Show Daily - Day 1, 2,3
E3 2012 Show Daily - Day 1,2,3

Random Stuff
TRON: Legacy Flynn Identity Disc - CIB, battery is dead.

Mad Max: Fury Road DVD - this is the loose disc, but I will put it in a case when shipping.

LEGO - all boxed/polybag items never opened.
76018 - Marvel Super Heroes Hulk Smash Lab
76031 - Hulk Buster Set
40086 - Lego Rabbit
4000013 - Lego Christmas Tale

5001622 - Lego Employee
30185 - Little Eagle (X3)
40069 - Pirate
40064 - Lamb and Sheep
40072 - Rocking Horse
40104 - Monster Frankenstein (X2)
40126 - Alien (X4)
30167 - Iron Man vs Drone
30260 - Lone Ranger Pump Car Minifig
30225 - Lego City Coast Guard Plane
40094 - Snowplow
40097 - Helicopter
40105 - Gingerbread House
40096 - Spring Tree
40100 - Jeep
40072 - Rocking Horse
40099 - Hovercraft
40103 - Rocket
40101 - Monkey
5000063 - TC-14 (have a lot of these)
5001621 - Han Solo in Hoth Garb
5002126 - Martian Manhunter (x6)
6119216 - Winter Soldier (x3)
8833 - Football Player
8833 - Pirate
8827 - Leprechaun

Lego mini-figs

Please let me know which minifig you're interested in by using the letter listing, A1 for example, and I'll get back to you with a price. Fig prices range from $3 (simple Star Wars droid or MoS Superman) to $15/$20 (Jabba, Darth Revan).

Metal Gear Solid V (PS4)
Tearaway (PS4)
Fifa 16 (PS4)
Also looking for parts to build my own PC. So if you have things like tower shells, cards, etc please hit me up.

I'll be shipping from Chicago via USPS standard, so it shouldn't take more than a week for an item to arrive once I put it in the post. Please feel free to submit offers to me via PM, either for trade, or if you want to buy more than one thing.

I have 14 positive feedback on GAF thus far 1,2,3,4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14


Jul 7, 2009
If anyone is planning on picking up a Halo 5 XBone bundle but do not want the digital copy please PM me your price and let me know, looking to get a digital copy for cheaper than retail.
Jul 8, 2013
$100 shipped OBO - Like New Blue 3DS XL complete with box and all its contents. It's in pretty great shape and so is the box (pics can be provided)

$20 - MGSV CE dlc code for PS4

Want: PayPal, PSN credit/Bestbuy GC/ Amazon GC or trade. Please send me offers


Jul 18, 2014
Positive Buyer feedback for dab0ne

Prompt payment! Thanks!

Positive Seller feedback for CronosBlade

Gave me a great deal on some GBA games and shipped quickly. Thanks!


Unconfirmed Member
Oct 15, 2013
(Lowered the price even more as my final offer...)

Unused codes for the Collector's Edition of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and the Collector's Edition of Heavensward - PS3. (Just need a Heavensward PS3 disc to play, I believe?)

CE content includes:
Helm of Light
Baby Behemoth Minion
Coeurl Mount
Behemoth Barding
Griffon Mount
Baron Helm
Wind-Up Kain

$30 via Paypal
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