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Buy/Sell/Trade Thread 2015 Part 3 | Read the OP, and Prepare to Buy

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Supa Necta

Jun 22, 2013
Hi. Listing most of my game collection and I'll keep updating this post. Please provide a postal code for a shipping estimate. I accept paypal gift or you pay fees.

PSTV Bundle $75 shipped to lower 48.

PS2 Games

Alien Hominid Complete $10
Ape Escape 3 Complete $15
Armored Core 3 B, D $5
Bloodrayne Complete $5
Capcom Classics Collection Complete $10
Chaos Wars B, D $8
Dark Cloud GH Complete $12
Disgaea Complete $10
Disgaea 2 New $20
Disgaea 2 New $25
Dot Hack G.U. Rebirth B, D $40
Dot Hack Infection Part 1 B, D, no manual or DVD $15
Dot Hack Infection Part 1 Complete $30
Dot Hack Quarantine Part 4 B, D, M, no DVD $80
Dragonball Z Budokai Complete $5
Final Fantasy X Complete $8
Final Fantasy X-2 Complete $6
Final Fantasy XII Complete $8
Final Fantasy XII Complete $5
Gitaroo Man Complete $30
Gitaroo Man B, D $25
God of War II Complete $8
GTA Vice City Complete $4
Guitar Hero Complete $25
Guitar Hero Encore Rocks the 80s Complete $3
Guitar Hero II Complete $25
Ico Complete $10
Jak 3 GH Complete $5
Katamari Damacy Complete $10
Kingdom Hearts 2 Complete $12
Lord of the Rings The Third Age Complete $5
Mark Ecko's Getting Up CE content, no game $10
Metal Gear Solid 2 B, D $3
Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater Complete $3
Metal Slug Anthology Complete $60
Mister Mosquito Complete $30
Mobile Suit Gundam Encounters in Space B, D $15
Mobile Suit Gundam Journey to Jaburo Complete $8
Odin Sphere Complete $17
Odin Sphere New $22
Okami Complete $25
Ratchet & Clank Up Your Arsenal GH Complete $7
Rez Complete $25
RPG Maker 3 B, D $8
Rygar Complete $4
Sega Genesis Collection Complete $8
Shadow of the Colossus Complete $15
Shadow the Hedgehog Complete $6
Silent Hill 4 The Room Complete $20
Skygunner B, D $25
Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus Complete $8
SMT Digital Devil Saga 1 B, D $8
SMT Digital Devil Saga 2 New $15
SMT Persona 3 CE New $40
Soul Calibur 3 Complete $8
Space Channel 5 Special Edition Complete $8
Steambot Chronicles B, D $25
Suikoden III B, D $15
Tekken 5 Complete $10
The Legend of Spyro The Eternal Night Complete $10
The Warriors Complete $25
THPS 3 GH Complete $3
Time Splitters 2 Complete $15
Ultimate Spider-Man Complete $3
Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution GH Complete $3
Virtual On Marz B, D $8
War of the Monsters Complete $18


Aladdin B $10
Batman JP Complete $35
Buster Douglas Knockout Boxing B $10
Castle of Illusion B $15
Centurion Defender of Rome Complete $15
Columns B, M, no game $5
Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine Complete $12
Dynamite Headdy B $25
F22 Interceptor Complete $5
Fighting Masters Complete $25
Forgotten Worlds Complete $15
Ghouls 'N Ghosts B $25
Gunstar Heroes Complete $80
Herzog Zwei C only $30
James Pond Complete $20
Lakers vs. Celtics B $5
P.T.O. Complete $20
PGA European Tour C only $3
Pinocchio Complete $15
Pirates! Gold C only $18
Ranger X Complete $35
Road Rash II Complete $10
Shining Force Complete $35
Shining Force II C only $25
Sonic the Hedgehog Complete $10
Sonic the Hedgehog Complete $10
Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Complete $15
Spider-Man Complete $10
Street Fighter II SCE C, M $10
Streets of Rage 2 B $15
Super Monaco GP Complete $8
Super Thunder Blade B, M, no game $10
Technocop Complete $15
Toejam and Earl Complete $30
Virtual Bart C only $10
Warrior of Rome Complete $5
X-Men C only $5
Aladdin Complete $15


Jan 11, 2012
Verizon 64GB iPhone 6 plus in Space Gray.

Had the phone for a few months, put a Zagg glass screen shield on it from day 1 and had a Red Silicone case right away as well. It has not scratches or dings on it at all, from what I can see.

Looking for $450 +$20 shipping. Paypal only. Only shipping in US. Thanks

Also Selling the following Amiibo, New in Box, all NA:
Robin - SOLD
Dark Pit x2
Lucina - SOLD
Ness x2
Mega Man
King DeDeDe
Meta Knight
Captain Falcon
Dr. Mario
Wii Fit Trainer x2

Also selling:
New 3DS XL Majora's Mask Edition $300 - Does not come with Charger
Has been lightly used since release, but I don't have time to play it much. Has a Green Zelda plastic case on it, and no scratches at all!

I accept Paypal only, gift or normal with you covering any fees! I can provide pictures if needed!


Oct 16, 2005
Crossposting from the TG16 thread:


So I recently missed out on a couple of TurboGrafx games, and since most of them seemed to be rather common, maybe I have a chance to find them again.
Looking for games in their cases but no outside cardboard boxes....don't really need those, the standard plastic cases would do just fine.


Tiger Road
Victory Run
Boxy Boy
Devil Crash
Keith Courage
Military Madness

...and maybe Deep Blue, but I may have one lined up for me....will know in a day or two.

If you have any let me know how much you"d want for them, and if you'd be willing to ship to Germany.
I had a couple of deals here but somehow I only have +2 feedback. Have more on other boards and eBay so talk to me for details on that[/QUOTE]


Jul 15, 2014

Happy Home Designer. sold

Can't compel myself to download this. Got a code with my new 3ds reg. $20, Paypal (gift preferred)


May 21, 2014
FIFA 16 PS4. £37 including P&P.

My brother picked up a copy so I don't really need mine. I've had it for less than a day.
Aug 25, 2012
Want to trade:

1 code for RPG Maker VX
1 code for RPG Maker XP

Would like to trade for another game (Steam,PSN,WiiU,3DS,XboxOne) or credit to PSN or eShop or just straight up paypal.

Want to buy:
Persona 4 Arena Ultimax
Persona Tarot Card set #1


Nov 18, 2013
WTB - Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer - EU/UK

Is anyone perhaps picking up the bundle that wants to sell me their code?


Jesus Carbomb

From Water into Guinness
Dec 11, 2004
Digital movie codes for sale. From my own personal collection, guaranteed to work. Paypal gift or Amazon gift card accepted. Will also trade for Xbox points.

$7 Mad Men: Final Season Part 1 - UVHD

$5 The Adventures of TinTin - iTunes + UV
$5 Hugo - iTunes + UV
$5 Tusk - UVHD
$5 Godzilla 2014 - UVHD
$5 Stoker - UVHD
$5 9 (Animation) - UVHD

$4 Savages - iTunes + UVHD Combo
$4 Now You See Me - iTunes + UV Combo
$4 Elysium - UVHD
$4 The Wolverine - UVHD
$4 The Expendables Extended Directors Cut - iTunes
$4 Killing Them Softly - UVHD
$4 Horrible Bosses - UVHD
$4 Moneyball - UV



Aug 12, 2007

New Nintendo 3DS - White Model - taken out of box once to ensure it turned on, never played on. This is the Japanese version. Asking $150 shipped in US OBO. Pictures available upon request.


May 6, 2012
I do think I read in another random post in some forum on here that it is not allowed, but I could be mistaken.

Is digital gamesharing allowed as a trade option here? I see reddit has a official gamesharing sub but I don't trust reddit like I trust GAF. Also want to trade 25 dollar of google express code for 20 dollar PSN card.


Dec 8, 2013
I'm selling my white Xbox one controller. It's like new and came with the white halo mcc console bundle. I'd rather get the new lunar controller. Also the same as the sunset over drive controller.

Pm me a fair price.


Nov 2, 2009

Destiny: The Taken King (ps4): $50 shipped in the US.

This is the copy in the new PS4 Destiny bundle.

According to Amazon, this is what included in the package:

- Destiny: The Taken King - Legendary Edition includes the newest installment as well as all Destiny content released to-date. Get Destiny, Expansion I: The Dark Below, Expansion II: House of Wolves, and Destiny: The Taken King in one package.

so basically what is in the game that was packed with the bundle.

pm me if interested. I accept Paypal.


Aug 27, 2009
WTS AGS-101 Modded Original GBA and GBA SP AGS-101

I had to put my dog down last month and I'm still paying for it, so I'm really trying to move these.

Here's a photo album:


I bought it here from another gaffer and my son played it for two weeks and stopped when he get his new 3ds. It's sat on my desk since then.

I bought a glass screen for it but never installed it because I don't play it. I'll include that with the package. My understanding is the ags 101 screens are getting hard to find per the GBA collecting thread.

I'm looking for around $115 shipped with the glass lens. I can throw in Advanced Wars 2 for another $10.

I also have a red ags 101 GBA SP for sale. I'd be willing to part with as well for $115 shipped with a charger. Nintendo calls it red but it's more like flame red/orange. It's mint, no scratches on the screen. Here's the flickr album as well.


Shoot me a PM and let's see what we can work out.

WTS 32 gig vita memory card. $55 shipped. Was used in my Vita until I purchased a 64 gig card last year. It's been sitting on my shelf in the plastic shell since I swapped it out.

WTB a Kirby Amiibo and Modern color 8 bit Mario Amiibo. These are for my son so he can use them in Mario Maker. I'd be willing to trade an 8 Bit Mario Classic Color that we have new for either of these.

Oct 10, 2010

64 gb Space Gray iPhone 6 Plus (AT&T) w/ AppleCare+ (until September 19th, 2016) - $510 shipped

I am selling an iPhone 6 Plus that is in perfect condition. Includes the original box, brand new EarPods, brand new Lightning cable and AC plug, and an unactivated SIM (you can pop in an active SIM no problem, this is just in case someone buys this and doesn't have a SIM it would save them a drive to AT&T). It has been in a case since I've owned it, there are no signs of wear on the front or back. AppleCare+ is still active on it for close to a year, and I never used any of the accident allowances, so there are still 2 of those left. So if you run it over with your car or something you can take it to Apple and get a replacement phone for $79. It has the 9.1 iOS beta on it currently (which runs better than 9.0), but if you want I could restore it back to the public release of 9.0.

Looking for payment via PayPal, the $510 price includes shipping and I'll also eat the cost of the PayPal fee (I don't expect anyone to send a PayPal gift for that amount of money). If you have any questions, or would like more photos feel free to PM me.

Edit: Sold on Swappa


Dec 19, 2011

Gears of War Ultimate Edition Xbox One digital code

Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Xbox 360 or PS3.


Mar 18, 2014

Basically new surface pro 3 type cover. Can be used with the older surfaces. I basically just opened the package and just left it in there. Never took it out or hooked it up or anything. I found out my surface pro 3 came with one :[. Wish I could have just returned it to amazon but I don't think I could with me opening the package.

Looking to get 90$ for this which I believe is a good price. Also has the stylus loop.

I take google wallet and ship with tracking.


Mar 20, 2007

Destiny The Taken King Trilogy DLC (Expansion 1&2 + The Taken King)

Note: This is for PS4 only and you need Destiny physical/digital to play the content!

Want: $45 Paypal Gift


Playstation Vita 64GB Memory Card (card only) - SOLD - Shipping 9/28


16GB dual channel RAM G.Skill Sniper 1866 - $85 shipped
(info link)


Feb 18, 2015
I am looking to sell my Sega Saturn with installed modchip. Chip allows any Saturn game to be played. Bundle includes a Saturn SCART cable and SCART to HDMI converter as a very solid RGB upscale solution along with an Action Replay 4MB cart. I will also throw in the Japanese version of Street Fighter Alpha Zero 2. I'm looking for $200 paypal. I will ship to US only. Thanks!

Jul 27, 2009
PM me if you need any info, pictures, want to buy, or want to haggle.

SHIPPING IS INCLUDED (cheapest way). Currently only shipping to the Continental US. If else where, ask first.

Prices are not firm!

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain DAY ONE EDITION (sealed) - $55
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain - Collectors Pack DLC - $20
J-STARS Victory VS+ Digital Compendium DLC - $3

Darker Than Black: Season 2 [Blu-ray/DVD] - $25
Gungrave Complete Series Limited Edition DVD Set (sealed, with mousepad) - $50
Gun X Sword Complete Series Limited Edition DVD Set (Vol 1 - 6 + artbox, artbox has a crease mark on top) - $40
Kiddy Grade Complete Series Limited Edition DVD Set - $20
Kurau: Phantom Memory Complete Series Limited Edition DVD Set (Vol 1 and 3 - 6 are sealed + artbox) - $30
Maburaho Complete Series Limited Edition DVD Set (Vol 2 - 6 are sealed, The artbox has some damage to it with some rips ) - $70
Maria Watches Over Us: Season 2 - Printemps DVD Set (Sealed) - $10
Revolutionary Girl Utena Complete Limited Edition Collection (Sealed) - $120
Utawarerumono Complete Series Limited Edition DVD Set (Vol 1 and 3 - 6 are sealed + artbox) - $35

At The Gates - Flames of the End (sealed) - $5

Weiss Schwarz
Kantai Collection ENG Trial Deck (box was opened but cards not used) - $11
Kantai Collection ENG RR/R/UC/C/CR/CC Playset (x4 each of cards) - offer
Kantai Collection ENG RR/R/UC/C/CR/CC set (x1 each of cards) - offer
Sword Art Online II Extra Booster ENG cards lot (148 cards valued at $235.30 - promo cards still sealed - can provide card list) - Looking for $165 obo

TCG Misc
Character Multipurpose Long Box Collection Z/X -Zillions of enemy X - $7.50
Character Multipurpose Long Box Collection Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- Chitose Aoba - $7.50
Character Multipurpose Long Box Collection - Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- Azumi Kagamihara - $7.50 - or take all three for $20 shipped

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren - Takanashi Rikka - 1/7 by Kotobukiya (sealed) - $90

Computer Parts
Logitech G9X Programmable Laser Gaming Mouse with Precision Grips (brand new sealed - box has a few tears - $90

$40 ArcLight Cinemas - $35 obo

PayPal (family/friends payment or you pay fees)
Cheap Super Sonico goodies
The Girls of Freezing artbook
Bible Black merch (DVDs, figures, posters, books, etc)
cheap steams trading cards


The Chuck Norris of Peace
Jan 21, 2013
I am looking to sell my Sega Saturn with installed modchip. Chip allows any Saturn game to be played. Bundle includes a Saturn SCART cable and SCART to HDMI converter as a very solid RGB upscale solution along with an Action Replay 4MB cart. I will also throw in the Japanese version of Street Fighter Alpha Zero 2. I'm looking for $200 paypal. I will ship to US only. Thanks!

I was so ready for this - then I saw that US only :(


Sep 30, 2013
Houston, Texas
Hey guys, so I am getting married on October 17th and I really need the money, so I am selling some stuff.

Ni No Kuni: Wizard's Edition NTSC with Collector's Edition Strategy Guide - $300 shipped. (New In Box, never played)

Greninja amiibo (European) - $25

Charizard amiibo (US) - $25

I will be adding more things to this list so please check back soon!

Anything you can do to help will be awesome guys!
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