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If anyone want to help me with the 3 exclusive link (amazon, bestbuy, gamestop), please shot me a PM....


The Legend of Zelda™: Breath of the Wild DLC code (Switch or WiiU) for $18 (paypal or gift amazon)


Sealed Resident Evil 4 - Xbox One - $12 Shipped
- Got on clearance at Target then got in on the price mistake a few months ago for all the re games.

Spotify Family Plan
- Looking to make a group to join in since no one had any available spots. It will be $30 for the year. PM me if interested
Have 3 people including myself who are potentially interested. 3 spots more and we are good to go.
Selling a pair of AKG Y50BT headphones, used them about 2 hours. Works and sounds great but I need a pair of NC headphones so I'm selling these.
Complete with cords and bag.

$60 including shipping. PP F&F, buyer pays fees.

Sealed Resident Evil 4 - Xbox One - $12 Shipped
- Got on clearance at Target then got in on the price mistake a few months ago for all the re games.

Spotify Family Plan
- Looking to make a group to join in since no one had any available spots. It will be $30 for the year. PM me if interested
Have 3 people including myself who are potentially interested. 3 spots more and we are good to go.
You will need to verify that you all live in the same address at some point.

FS: Corsair MM800 polaris RGB hard mouse pad. same condition, used for less than a week. $37 shipped.

Anyone interested in a Pioneer AVH-X5700BHS? Its used but near mint. I just upgraded to a android auto receiver. Asking $250 shipped

Some Various Games to sell, all prices shipped in the US. Happy to accept offers/provide pictures!

Nintendo 3DS
New Super Mario Bros. 2 - $20
Mario Party Island Tour - $20
Ben 10 Galactic Racing - $10
Duck Dynasty - NEW - $7

Game Only:
Mario & Luigi Paper Jam - $25
Luigis Mansion - Dark Moon - $15
Super Mario 3D Land - $15
Pokemon X - $ 20
Pokemon Y - $ 20
Pokemon Alpha Sapphire - $20
Mario Kart 7 - $ 20

Nintendo DS
Viewtiful Joe Double Trouble Complete (Label on game is worn) - $16

Nintendo 64
Mario Kart 64 - $35
Conkers Bad Fur Day - $75
Wetrix Nintendo 64 - $12
Castlevania - $13
Namco Museum 64 - $8
A Bugs Life - $8
Space Station Silicon Valley - $20
Banjo Tooie - $23 (Block buster sticker on back)
Beetle Adventure Racing - $10
Cruis'n World - $10
Midway's Greatest Arcade Hits - $10
South Park - $10
The Powerpuff Girls Chemical X-Traction - $10
Banjo Kazooie - $25
Starshot Space Circus Fever - $20

Nintendo Wii
Mario Kart Wii (No Manual some scratches) - $20

Neo Geo MVS Games
KOF 2001 - $85 + Shipping

Jockey Grandprix w/o Cord - $40 + Shipping

Nerima Daikon Brothers Complete DVD Collection - $35
The Irresponsible Captain Taylor DVD Collection - $20 (Outer box is banged up a bit)

Also have this brand new wheel duffle bag from Sierra looking to sell for $40 shipped:

Its blue though. Can send pictures if interested.
How's everyone? I hope well. I was looking for a few games that I've seen here on sale (at good prices) before I took a break from everything.

Fire emblem awakening
Code of princess
Project diva (pending 😁)

Dragons crown
Project diva 1&2
Super beat xonica
Djmax teckina tune
Senran kagura 1&2


Type: NVIDIA Voucher Code | Payment: PayPal

Destiny 2

Price: $35
EU/ASIA keys: Requires GTX 1080/1080Ti GPU and VPN( if you're in NA/SA ) to register voucher to your GeForce Experience account after that game can be redeemed to your account without VPN and GPU model restrictions. Global key and can be upgraded to Season Pass/Digital Deluxe edition. I will provide all instructions if interested.


Anyone selling a No Man's Sky key? I know it's on sale right now on steam / GOG but want to get it a bit cheaper. Really just wanna see what the new updates are all about.
Metroid Prime: Trilogy (Wii) $75
The Steelbook is in great condition, save for a very slight dent on the back edge thanks to Amazons packaging from when this came out. Will provide any pictures when asked.

Steam codes:
This is the Police $3
Warhammer® 40,000: Dawn of War II ($3)
The Wolf Among Us $3
The Walking Dead: Season 1 $1
One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 ($4)
Project Highrise $3
Assault Android Cactus $2
Chroma Squad $3
Lethal League $1
The Darkness II $3
SimplePlanes $2
Galactic Civilizations® III $3
Wasted $2
Maize $3
Shoppe Keep $2
Metrico+ $3

Xbox One:
Rock Band 4: Rivals (Still Sealed Retail) $20

Wii U/3DS Codes:
Shantae and the Pirate's Curse - Wii U $3

Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Beta - $0
Minecraft Xbox One Edition - $0
Minecraft Builder's Pack (Xbox) - $0
14-day Xbox Live Trial - $0

All very free. Just PM me.

Fortnite (PC) Digital Standard Edition x1 ($25 each, via Paypal, F&F preferred)

It's a PC code, but my understanding is that it works for the PS4 as well if you link your Epic Games account. PM if interested.

(Xbox one)Digital Fortnite standard founders edition x1 : $30 AUD (Around 23 USD for Americans. )
Alan Wake+ the signal + the writer code: $10 AUD (Around 7 USD for Americans.)

Payments accepted through paypal gifts and payment. PM, if interested.


Any xbox one game code I don't have (negotiable)
Ghost Recon Wildlands Gold code for 30 USD

PM me with offers. I have positive feedback.

Wii Remote with Motion Plus + nunchuk (both are black). Both are in excellent condition. Asking $18 shipped

Razer Nostromo gaming keypad. I've got the box but I can ship in a bubble mailer to save on shipping. No joke, I bought this thing (here, I think) a couple years ago and used it for about 20 minutes before putting it in a closet. Asking $25 shipped, add an extra $3 for the box.

I just looked at Ebay prices and knocked a few bucks off. Message me if you're interested and we'll work something out.
Looking into potentially purchasing a (true) UHD Bluray player, depending on model and price. If someone has bought one they're not getting much use out of, send me a PM. Looking to spend around $100 if someone is willing to swing it in that range

- Dreamcast "bundle" - Comes with Dreamcast, VMU, one official controller, one third party controller, and power cable. Does NOT come with any video cables, sorry. Though you'll want to hook this up via VGA anyway. Note that the CD drive stopped working some years ago and I had to pot tweak it to let it read disc again. I have no way to test it to see if it still reads disc, though I don't really have any reason to think it doesn't. I've had no issue since then, but just stating that up front. - $money? I dont even know. Just take it. Give me a (reasonable) price and as long as you'll pay shipping also you can probably have it.

- LittleBigPlanet 3 PS4 - $9 shipped

- A lot of Funko Pops - I have a properly formatted post on Reddit that you can view here to avoid taking up too much space. Nothing really rare but a couple vaulted exclusives, all commons also $4 each.

- PS3 Wireless Bluetooth Headset - $10 shipped
WTS - Amiibo, NIB & OOB

No crazy scalper prices, though I may go a bit over MSRP for a few of the rarer ones depending on their current selling prices.


New in Box:
Captain Falcon - $15
Samus - $15
Jigglypuff - $15
Shulk - $18
Lucas - $14
Ness - $14
Pit - $14
Charizard - $16
Mewtwo - $17

Out of Box:
Pikachu - $10
Wario - $14

Shoot me a PM if you're interested. Open to reasonable offers.

Has some PS4 Digital Games (Mostly Indies) as well. You can PM me for the list if you are interested. Price offers are welcome!!

Want to sell STEAM CODES
Hollow Knight- $7
Community INC. - $4
Vostok INC.- $5
Stronghold Legends Steam Edition- $5
Stronghold Crusader 2 Ultimate Edition- Make your offer!
Project First Contact- $1
Undertaker- $3
Soulfrost- $1
Skeleton Boomerang- $4

A Snake' s Tale- $1
Aiwa' s Awakening - $3
Avorion - $2
Castle of No Escape - $1
Crazy Ball Adventures- $0,5
Dead Purge Outbreak - $3
Empyrion - Galactic Survival - $4
Horror of the Deep - $2
Lines PC Edition - $2
Mint- $1
Mad Combat Marines- $0,5
Masked Forces- $0,5
Mind Reflection - $1
Neptune: Arena FPS - $1
Political Animals - $4
Primal Carnage: Onslaught - $2
Recession - $2
Rocket Riot - $2
Stardrift Nomads - $2
The Adventures of Capitano Navarro- $1
This Strange Realm Of Mine - $2
Tyd wag vir Niemand (Time waits for Nobody) - $2

I can lower the prices a bit more if you are interested in more than one title.
Accepting Amazon Gift Cards.

Nintendo nes classic with 1 controller in Mint condition shipped with original box in perfect condition - 180€ / 213 $ / 164 £ plus shipping

Would trade for one the following lego sets

Ferris Wheel
Temple of airjitzu

Worldwide but wouldnt mind europe