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Want to Sell SNES Super Nintendo Classic Edition from delivery by Oct 24

$120 shipped

Payment by Amazon Gift Card code. I will change shipping address on the order to yours and send you screenshot proof, forward email confirmation, shipment tracking number and follow up with you all the way until delivery. I've sold a lot on GAF and have all positive feedback.

Minecraft Win 10 Edition - Win Store Key - $3
Rising Storm 2 Vietnam - Steam Key - $9
Dishonored 2 - Steam key - $18
Prey 2017 - Steam key - $19
No Man's Sky - Steam Key - $28
Tekken 7 - Steam key - $29
F1 2017 - Steam key - $34
Project Cars 2 - Steam key - $39
Selling SNES Classic Preorder from Amazon for $105. Arrives on the 24th.

WTS: (Steelbooks don't include game)

The Transformers: The Movie digital copy (the cool 80s one) - $10 OBO

Game Boy
Pokémon Silver in custom case with original manual - $20 OBO

Star Fox Adventures - $12.00 Used
Rogue Leader: Star Wars Rogue Squadron 2 - $12.00 Used

Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Collector's Edition Steelbook (Does not include game unfortunately) - $40 OBO
Uncharted 4 Steelbook - $25.00 OBO
Battlefield 1 PS4 Steelbook - $20.00 OBO
Sword Art Online Hollow Realization Steelbook - $25.00 OBO
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Steelbook - $15.00 OBO
Samsung Gear VR First Edition - $30.00 Barely Used!
SSBB Ike amiibo (opened) - $20
Overwatch: Visual Source Book (came with CE!) - $25.00
Sonic Mania Collector's Edition cartridge - $20 or Make an offer.

If you're going to use PayPal then please add .25 cents to your purchase since PayPal takes a percentage out of the money. Doesn't matter if it's F&F or G&S.

PM is best!


PS Plus 3 month code

Dragon Age 2 for PC

FNAF 1, 3 and 4 for PC

3DS Pokémon Gold theme - Came with Pokémon Gold if you bought it from the eShop. PM me any offers on it please!

Feel free to make offers on anything. PM Me!

  • 3 x $20 PSN Card - $18
  • 2 x $20 Nintendo eShop Card - $18
  • 1 Year PlayStation Plus (PS+) Subscription - $45 OBO
  • Digital PS4 Games (esp. the ones I'm selling) below MSRP. Reach out with any offers.
WTS - Miscellaneous
  • 20th Anniversary PS4 Bundle (Sealed/Brand New) - $1000 OBO
  • Nier: Automata (PS4, New/Not Sealed) - $38 Shipped OBO
  • PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset (Like New) - $50 OBO
WTS - New, Sealed Limited Run Games Near Cost ($40 Shipped OBO)
  • Limited Run #34 - Curses 'N Chaos (PS4)
  • Limited Run #36 - Aqua Kitty DX (PS4)
  • Limited Run #39 - The Swapper (Vita)
  • Limited Run #42 - Dear Esther (PS4)
I am a Neogaf plus seller. Buy with CONFIDENCE!
I have some Display cubes that came with a purchase for Assassins creed origins,overwatch and battlefront, I'd like to sell them for £8 each excluding shipping, can provide pictures.
Also a Crash Bandicoot Nsane trilogy standee £20? Shipping will be expensive though since its pretty big.

SONIC MANIA PS4 CODE(From CE) - £12 - Will only activate on EU/UK/AU Accounts, but will play on any account once that account is activated.

Final Fantasy XV Acrylic Stands - Noctis,Luna & Aranea - £25 each
Final Fantasy XV Fabric Decoration Fan £70
Final Fantasy XV Pen - £30
Final Fantasy XV Clear File Various Designs - £15
Nier Automata Acrylic Stands 2B & A2- £50
All exclusive to/from Square Enix Store Japan , Pics:
My brother bought me a ton of stuff from Japan, these are extras.

Nioh crimson master armour pre-order code - £5

Ghost Recon Wildlands PS4 Season Pass (EU) - £20

Assassin's Creed Syndicate PS4 Season Pass - £10

Steam Keys - £1 Each:
Pacman 256
Ace Combat Assault Horizon Enhanced Edition

Final Fantasy XIII - Lightning Returns Steam Key - £8
Sid Meier's Civilization IV: The Complete Edition- Steam Key - £5

EVE: Valkyrie - Founders Pack DLC- US PSN code - $5

GAME UK USR Brawler Skin - Fractured Space - $5


PS3(Free upgrade to PS4, but you need a ps3) Collectors edition Disk+Codes(Not Sealed) - £10 - Upgradeable to PS4 version! excluding postage.Should also include the fat chocobo mount. Includes 30 day subscription. 14 day trial available via Playstation store or FFXIV website for pc.

Final Fantasy XIV:ARR Collectors Edition - PC&PS4 - New -£150
Collectors Editions Content here

Cyberdramon - £10

Code Geass - Lancelot Albion - Clear Ver. - Refurbished+cleaned by Mandarake. - £75


Tearaway (German cover/case, english text+voiceovers) -
PS4 £5

Metal Gear Solid V - GAME UK - Snake + Quiet Blood Preorder Poster - £20
- Excluding postage

Super Saiyan Trunks - with background/stand - £10 including postage:

Everything is from an EXTREMELY clean,pet-free & smoke free home.

From an EXTREMELY clean,pet-free & smoke free home

Amazon UK OR US gift cards
Digimon,Kingdom Hearts or Code Geass Merch from Japan.
For:Trade or part exchange for something above or paypal depending on item.

WTS: GPD Win (Z8750 version) - $245

It is this version. Hardly ever used, it was a warranty replacement from GPD that came in August which I've set up, played a few games here and there, and haven't touched since. Just don't have time to mess with it anymore.

Will come with the box if I find it.

Pics to follow later. Thanks GAF!

WTB Dreamcast memory cards can be official or unofficial cards

Selling off some original Xbox stuff - hoping to sell it in a bundle if you find a bare console and need the essential stuff.

Xbox Controller S - bought this very recently, it's in fantastic condition, practically brand new I'd argue, great condition really.

Component cables, 3rd party - these have worked great, no issues with the quality on my TV and the cable itself feels well made if that helps.

Splinter Cell - you can use this to softmod your console if you have the save files. I don't have a memory card otherwise I'd sell that too so you'd have a kit but the base game is about $5 or so, figured I'd put it up here. Complete, disc and manual are there, not platinum hits.

For prices, I'd do $20 shipped for everything, $15 shipped for the controller, $8 shipped for the cable

I also have some controller breakaway cables, some composite cables, and another Controller S that has a fucked right stick. Could be fixable, dunno really. PayPal only please!

Toshiba 3.5" 1TB HDD gutted from a prebuilt I'm making a build out of. It's practically brand new and only has a few days of power on time. $30 shipped?

Replacement Floppy Disk Drive for Dell Inspiron - Latitude 4702p AO1, in electro-static bag. $10 shipped.

Sony SS-MCT100 Soundbar/Subwoofer setup in great working condition but can't use it since I moved. $80 local pickup in CNY.

WTT Wii U for PS4 This is a big maybe, I have a Wii U 8GB with a 500GB external (powered) and 8GB SD card, Wii Remote, Nunchuk, Motion Plus, Classic Controller and the Pro version too. Hacked on latest firmware. PM for more info if you'd want to see about a trade within the US only.

Puyo Puyo Tetris Xbox One Japanese complete Bought this last year but end up playing the 3DS version more - $30 shipped


(Steam Keys)
RIVE: Wreck, Hack, Die, Retry -$3
Jotun -$3
Neon Chrome -$1
The Escapists (w/ DLC) $5
Sheltered $2
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number -$3
Action Henk -$1
Rebel Galaxy -$3
Avernum 2: Crystal Souls - $1
Wasted -$1
Toki Tori 2+ -$1
Steredenn - $1
Day of the Tentacle Remastered - $1
Wargame: Red Dragon -$3
Camp Sunshine - $1
Tumblestone -$1
Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide (w/ DLC) - $5
Super Rude Bear Resurrection -$1
Kingdom: New Lands Royal Edition -$2
Grey Goo Definitive Edition - $4
Psychonauts - $1
Cthulhu Realms -$1
The Red Solstice -$3


SNES Classic (US; Brand New/Unopened) - $125-140 Shipped US Only

Paypal F&F only
WTS - And we won't be undersold!

***Physical Games (All SEALED, and ship free)***

Forza 7 Ultimate Edition with DLC NEW - $83 <-- GREAT DEAL!

Fire Emblem Echoes (Regular Edition) NEW - $29 <-- WOW!

Limited Releases:
Saturday Morning RPG PS4 - $100
Oddworld New n Tasty PS4 - $180
Oddworld New n Tasty Vita - $115
Shovel Knight Vita - $65
Octodad Vita - $35

Night Trap Collector's Edition - $115
Wonder Boy Collector's Edition - $115

Yooka Laylee - $15
Dragon Quest Builders - $22
Digimon World: Next Order - $25 $22!
Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 - $15

Madden 18 (played once) - $45

Pair of Red OR Blue Joycons
Rarely used. No box, just the controllers - $85

20th Anniversary PS4
Sealed and still in the shipping box - $1095

Nendoroid Pokémon Center Champion Ver. Red
Brand new and sealed. Box is in great shape. - $110 <-- What a price!

***Digital Stuffs***

The Fast & Furious 1-8 Collection - iTunes or UV - $15
Got a Sony BVM 20F1U for sale or trade. Comes with control panel and RGB card. Looking for Snes or NES games for trade or $750,will want more in trade ($850) though. I live in Louisiana and would be willing to meet halfway. Would rather not ship if necessary

If you find the price cheaper anywhere else I will beat it.

Bionic Commando: Rearmed $2.00
Killer is Dead - Nightmare Edition $4.00
80 Days $3.00
Broken age $3.00
The Banner Saga: $5.00
The Escapists - Base Game: $4.00
The Escapists - Escape Team: $1.00
Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen: $10.00
Jotun $4.00
XCOM® 2 $15.00
Undertale $3.00
DiRT Rally $15.00
Steamworld Heist $2.00
Neon Drive (Steam) $2.00
Kentucky Route Zero: $5.00
A Story About My Uncle: $3.00
Plague Inc Evolved: $7.00
Superhot: $11.00
Stellaris: $15.00
Shoppe Keep: $1.00
Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation: $15.00
Simpleplanes: $3.00
Galactic Civilizations® III: $5.00
Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin: $10.00
Armello: $5.00
War for the Overworld: $4.00
Pillars of Eternity: $13.00
Offworld Trading Company: $5.00
Nongünz: $3.00
NBA 2K17: $5.00
Worms W.M.D: $7.00
Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight $3.00
Stories Untold: $3.00
HackyZack: $2.00
Eterium: $1.00
The Shrouded Isle: $2.00
Seasons After Fall: $4.00
Scanner Sombre: $2.00
Orwell: Keeping an Eye On You: $3.00
Rise of the Tomb Raider: $17.00
Furi: $5.00
Hurtworld $5.00 - SOLD
Deathtrap $3.00
Event[0] $3.00
Space Run Galaxy $2.00
Husk $2.00
Kimmy $1.00
Beyond Eyes $2.00
Pirate Pop Plus $1.00
Copoka $1.00
Risen $2.00
Sacred 3 Gold $3.00
Dungeon of the Endless - Crystal Pack $1.00
1993 Space Machine $1.00

I have some things to sell, I have no clue about the prices, so if you are interested PM me and we talk about it, I want to get rid of everything, no big pretensions when it comes to money, just a fair trade.

Strategy Guides:

Assassin's Creed Syndicate Limited Edition *Sealed
Assassin's Creed Revelations Limited Edition *Sealed
Assassin's Creed III Limited Edition *Sealed
Resident Evil 6 Limited Edition *Sealed
Resident Evil The Umbrella Chronicles Official Strategy Guide
Resident Evil 4 Official Strategy Guide
Resident Evil 5 Limited Edition *Sealed
Ninja Gaiden Black


Dragon Quest 8: Journey of the Cursed King + FF12 Demo
God Hand
Arcana Heart
Shadow of the Colossus
Tenchu Fatal Shadows
Sonic Mega Collection Plus


Bayonetta Originial Soundtrack
DEVIL MAY CRY 4 Special Edition Art Set PIZZA BOX (Pizza Box Sealed, game open)

Resident Evil:

Biohazard Degeneration Program book
Biohazard Degeneration Visual Scenario Archive
Biohazard Degeneration Clear File and IC card
biohazard DVD Book The Catalysis
Biohazard the umbrella Chronicles arts of arts
Biohazard Umbrella Chronicles Side A 3€
BIO HAZARD The Wicked North Sea (&#12496;&#12452;&#12458;&#12495;&#12470;&#12540;&#12489; &#21271;&#28023;&#12398;&#22934;&#29539; )

And some Valkyria Chronicles stuff, mostly for hardcore collectors
$SOLD - shipped anywhere in USA.

Vintage Sears model Sunnyvale Heavy Sixer Atari 2600 with an RGB kit installed! The console itself is in perfect working condition and outputs amazing quality RGB.

It also comes with a bunch of items to complete the set:
  • RGB SCART cable
  • (1) Original 2600 Joystick controller
  • (2) Original 2600 Paddle controllers
  • Original AC adapter
  • Missile Command
  • Reactor
  • Backgammon
  • Bowling
  • Football
It was modded by RetroFixes (the mod itself is $200, the SCART cable from RetroConsoleAccessories was $20, console itself at least $50, new paddle controllers!). Worth $300 or so.

Items will ship same business day as payment.

+9 buyer / +37 seller



iTunes credit at a discount


Spiderman Homecoming UHD 4K UV Code - $10

Fire Emblem Warriors Special Edition - Nintendo Switch -$70

Middle-earth: Shadow of War (PS4) (includes Preorder bonuses) (used) - $45
  • Includes pre order bonuses, including ring and dlc.

Amazon Fire TV Stick (2nd Gen) - $27


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2(3D) Disc Only - $12

WTS for Amazon Gift Cards or Paypal F&F or Buyer Pays the Fees, Would also trade for XBONE Codes

Has some PS4 Digital Games (Mostly Indies) as well. You can PM me for the full list if you are interested. Price offers are welcome!!

Want to sell PS4 PSN CODES (North American PSN Codes)

Want to sell PS4 PSN CODES (European PSN Codes)
Megaton Rainfall

Gundam Versus - $20

Want to sell STEAM CODES
Computer Tycoon
Great Wobo Escape
The Inner World
The Inner World - The Last Wind Monk
ICEBOX: Speedgunner
Fallen Times
Songs of Araiah: Re-Mastered Edition

Conan Exiles - $10
Divided We Fall - $5
Castle of No Escape 2 - $2
Community INC. - $3
Stronghold Legends Steam Edition- $4
Stronghold Crusader 2 Ultimate Edition- Make your offer!
Project First Contact- $1
Undertaker- $3
Skeleton Boomerang- $3
Baobabs Mausoleum: Ovnifagos Don't Eat Flamingos -$2

A Snake' s Tale- $1
Castle of No Escape - $1
Crazy Ball Adventures- $0,5
Dead Purge Outbreak - $3
Mad Combat Marines- $0,5
Masked Forces- $0,5
Neptune: Arena FPS - $1
Primal Carnage: Onslaught - $2
Recession - $2
Rocket Riot - $2
Stardrift Nomads - $2
The Adventures of Capitano Navarro- $1
Tyd wag vir Niemand (Time waits for Nobody) - $2

I can lower the prices a bit more if you are interested in more than one title.
Amazon Gift Cards or Paypal F&F.

WTS: (All items include shipping)!

- Supercard DSTwo(not the 3ds plus version) -$50 OBO

-Gateway 3DS Complete - $40

-Mario Party 4 (Complete) - $30

-Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus for Vita(Brand New/Sealed) - $55 OBO

-DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3 (WII-Complete- w/ Bonus disc)-$35

-Sword Art Online Hollow Realization Collectors Edition (PS4-Very good Condition) - $170 OBO

-Valkyrie Drive Bhikkuni Edition for Vita- $70 OBO

-World of Final Fantasy Day One Edition -Brand New/Sealed - $20

-Virtue's Last Reward for Vita - $15

-Dynasty Warriors Next for Vita - Brand New/Sealed - $18

-Sword out online Lost Song for Vita - $13

-Golden Sun 1 and 2 for GBA - $30 OBO

-Castlevania Double Pack for GBA - $40 OBO

-Tales of Phantasia for GBA - $15

-Final Fantasy VI for GBA - $40 OBO

-Smart As (Brand New/Sealed) for Vita - Free to anyone who buys something.

-Gravity Rush Remastered(US version) Brand New/Sealed - $110 OBO

-Gravity Rush 2 Brand new/Sealed - $30

-Destiny 2 LE Gamestop Exclusive - $75 DLC codes not used.

-Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae LRG(Brand New/Sealed) - $30

-The Bunker LRG(Brand New/Sealed) - $30

Will take offers and give better deals the more you buy.

Xbox Live 3 Month - $17

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet steam key $1
Supreme Commander steam key $1
Serious Sam Double D steam key $1
Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter - Legend of the Beast DLC Pack steam key $1
Serious Sam: The Random Encounter steam key $1
Dungeon Siege 3 + Dungeon Siege III - Treasures of the Sun steam key $5

Tomb Raider steam key - $6
The Bureau: XCOM Declassified steam key - $3

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War steam key $2
Red Faction Armageddon steam key $2
Galaxy on Fire 2 HD Steam key $2
Strike Suit Zero Steam key $2
Two Worlds II Steam key $2

Humble Friends of Nintendo Complete Gift Link - $20
Include these games
Retro City Rampage: DX - Nintendo 3DS
Affordable Space Adventures - Wii U
Shantae and the Pirate's Curse - Wii U and Nintendo 3DS
Freedom Planet - Wii U
Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure - Nintendo 3DS
Citizens of Earth - Wii U or Nintendo 3DS
Exclusive Retro City Rampage DX Nintendo 3DS HOME Menu theme
Nano Assault EX - 3DS
Runbow - Wii U
Swords & Soldiers 2 - Wii U
Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition - 3DS
Darksiders II - Wii U


Open to reasonable/bulk offers.

SNES Classic new $130 shipped
SNES Classic PAL/UK import $130 shipped.



Torment: Tides of Numenera Steam $15

Everything came from a blu-ray, so it should be HD, but I'm happy to check for you to be sure.
Some came from 4K, which is noted on the purchase. Most of them redeem in standard HD, but this is a list of how it may be possible to get a 4k UHD version added to locker. I can't speak for accuracy, but I'm happy to provide any info you might need to help you determine that.

Spider-Man Homecoming- Best Buy emailed a code as a pre order bonus. Internet tells me if you redeem through fandango now or vudu it will be UHD.
Baby Driver 4K- redeems in HD through VUDU/Sony store

Get Out
Kingsmen: The Secret Service
Mr. Robot Season 2
Starship Troopers
Expendables (Comes from 4K version, HD only now, if you redeem in HDX and call customer service after they add a UHD copy you may be able to upgrade)
Expendables 2
Ex Machina (Comes from 4K version, HD only now, if you redeem in HDX and call customer service after they add a UHD copy you may be able to upgrade)
Dredd (Comes from 4K version, HD only now, if you redeem in HDX and call customer service after they add a UHD copy you may be able to upgrade)
Cabin in the Woods (Comes from 4K version, HD only now, if you redeem in HDX and call customer service after they add a UHD copy you may be able to upgrade)


The Last Ship UV
Powers Season 1 UV
Arrow Season 4 UV
Black Sails Season 3 UV
Robocop (2014) UV
Sicario iTunes or UV
I'll See you in my Dreams UV and iTunes
Rock the Kasbah UV and iTunes
While We're Young UV
Burnt UV
Chi-Raq UV
Maggie UV
Touched with Fire UV
Hannibal Season 3 UV

Physical Items- shipping to U.S. included. International is fine by me, but I'll calculate shipping and see if we can work anything out. Pictures on request.

Fire Emblem Sacred Stones Game Boy Advance with game, box, and manual in good but not great shape. $40

Fire Emblem Game Boy advance cart only $25

Gundam Thunderbolt December Sky Complete Blu-Ray (Limited Edition) $130

Gundam Wing Complete Series (DVD) $85
I'm selling because the blu rays are coming out. Don't want you to feel ripped off if you buy now and didn't know about that. Comes with the outer slipcover as the Complete Operations set.

Witch Hunter Robin complete Series $25 - Artbox with individual volumes

Hellsing (Original Anime) complete series $25 - Artbox with individual volumes

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Completes Series (New series) Blu-ray 5 part set $85
Shipping to US only


SNES Classic Mini (US version) - $140 shipped (no F&F)

Gamecube - The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker - Complete and in good/excellent condition, pics available upon request - $25 shipped

PS4 - Shadow of Mordor: GOTY Edition - $7 shipped

Wii - Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Complete/mint - $17 shipped

PayPal F&F preferred payment method.


US SNES Mini for Euro/PAL SNES Mini

Brand New Grey Joycons for Blue Joycons (must also be new)
They're the original set I got packaged with my Switch, they've never been removed from their plastic.

SNES Classic (USA): $120 + shipping
SNES Classic (EU): $140 + shipping
NES Classic (US): $110 + shipping.

Ships to USA only, I accept Paypal F&F or regular + fees. Feedback in the thread or check post history. Thanks!
WTS Beksi&#324;ski: The Collection - $89 + shipping from Poland. It's releasing 2017-10-19. PayPal.

It's an unique to Poland, limited edition of the four hard-cover "Bosz-ART" albums dedicated to Zbigniew Beksi&#324;ski. Together, they have 576 pages (144 per volume). It's all in Polish, but there's very little text - mostly images. Volumes are 27 x 30 cm in size.

From the synopsis: "This colection contains most of the Z. Beksi&#324;ski's work in the fields of painting, drawing and computer graphics, the sources being the History Museum in Sanok and private archives."

I have my copy pre-ordered, so I can post some real pictures after its release.
Selling a Moto E4 Plus, unlocked, 32gb. Used, but in flawless condition.

Linking to eBay listing because it's easiest to show pics there (from my mobile).

The short of it: it's a great, big Android phone. And the battery life is the best on the market.

My buy it now is at $120, and the phone goes for $160 new. You get a case, too!

Listing on eBay

Ping me on here and we will skip the eBay bologna.


nethack is my favorite dark souls clone
I bought a Samus Special Edition 3DS XL and regret buying it.

I used it twice and still have the original box (but tossed the AR cards and documentation)

Looking to trade for a combination of a couple of the following:

- Switch Pro Controller
- Samus Returns Amiibo 2-pack
- Nier Automata (PS4)
- South Park Fractured But Whole
- Uncharted Lost Legacy
- Everybody's Golf
- Fire Emblem Shadows of Valentia
- Dishonored 2
- Watch Dogs 2
- New 3DS (Regular Size)
- Gamestop Gift Cards
- eShop Gift Cards
- PSN Gift Cards
- SNES/NES Classic Systems

PM me if interested