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Haven't sold here in a while, but looking to get rid of somethings.



Final Fantasy X/X-2 Limited Edition - $10
Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Limited Edition - $15
Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Limited Edition - $15


Batman Arkham Knight - $10
J-Stars Victory + - sealed - $15


Entrain Odyssey - $17

Fire Emblem Echoes Limited Edition sealed - $50
Pokémon Sun and Moon steel book collection - $65
Pokémon Alpha Sapphire - $25


GITD GotG Thanos -$20
Lootbox Exclusive GITD Groot -$15
Amazon Exclusive Starlord - $15

Graphic Novels

Grant Morrison JLA Deluxe Edition
Vol 1 - $50
Vol 2 - $35
Vol 3 - $35

We3 Deluxe HC - $30

Shipping to continental US only, if outside of the US shipping will be at cost to you. Only able to ship on Saturdays.

Excellent seller feedback on here. Prices can be negotiated.

PM me!

Jesus Carbomb

From Water into Guinness
Digital movie codes for sale, US region. From my own personal collection, guaranteed to work. Paypal Friends or Amazon gift card accepted. Thanks

$22 The Fast & Furious 1-8 Collection - iTunes or UV

$8 Fate of the Furious Extended Directors Cut (Digital Exclusive) - UV
$6 The Iron Giant - UV
$5 Lights Out - UV
$5 Pirates: Band of Misfits - UV
$5 Mad Men Final Season Part 1&2 - UV
$5 Star Trek Beyond - UV

$4 HEAT (Michael Mann) - UV
$4 Cloudy Chance of Meatballs 2 - UV
$4 Blair Witch (2016) - iTunes or UV
$4 King Kong (Peter Jackson) - iTunes or UV
$4 Independence Day - iTunes or UV

*Sold* Logan - iTunes or UV


Hong Kong PSN Money(Need like the equivalent of $5 to buy a little dlc pack)
(PS4)Destiny Collection(I already have the vanilla game on disc and would like the rest) - $20 (physical or code)
Aqua Blue PS Vita - Unsure about price or memory card or even games, just PM me, I'm so damn bored at work I need a handheld now

Xbox One - Mortal Kombat XL Preorder Bonus - Kosplay Pack - ($1)

PS4 - Dishonored 2 Imperial Assassins Pack - ($1)
PS4 - Dragon Quest Builders Slime block recipe, springtime sprinkles recipe and gold block recipe code - ($1)

Digital HD Movie Codes:

The Fast & Furious Collection (1-8) - iTunes or UV - $22 (or $3 for each film if you wish to buy them separately)
The Fate of the Furious (Director's Cut) - UV - $5

Video Games:

Blazing Dragons (like new, plays perfectly fine) - PS1 - $20 shipped
Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition (like new, plays perfectly fine) - PS2 - $15 shipped
Super Adventure Island 2 (cartridge only, plays perfectly fine) - SNES - $65 shipped

I'm a PB/PS and I'll accept PayPal as payment!

All are Humble Bundle Steam codes. So they are all eligible for Humble Bundle gifts. I accept PayPal or Steam wallet funds if you don't have PayPal.

Crashlands - $5
Curious Expedition - $3
The Deadly Tower of Monsters - $3
Hacknet - $3
Stephen's Sausage Roll - $7
Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings - $3
They Bleed Pixels - $2
UnderRail - $5
ABZU - $5
Husk - $5
Okhlos - $3
Ryse: Son of Rome - $3
Steamworld Heist - $5
Kimmy - $3
Dustforce - $3

Adam Prime

hates soccer, is Mexican

Digital copy of Beauty and the Beast 2017

For Sale: All items paid via PayPal F&F and Shipping Included

Contra 4 DS - $15
Full disclosure, I bought this from GameStop with no case. I printed off the official case from the internet and stuck it in a white 3DS box. It looks good, but if you're a collector you should know that it's not the OEM DS case and art.

Cave Story + CD and Instructional Manual from Switch version - $8
I haven't listened to the CD so I don't know any details, but the Instructional manual is beautiful and modeled after an old-school NES one.


UHD 6$ each:
Kong Skull Island
T2 Trainspotting
Ghost in the shell

HD 4$ each:
Boss Baby

Also looking for Random UHD code's I don't have.
FYI, just because the code comes from a UHD movie, it doesn't mean it actually redeems in UHD in Vudu, or other service.
T2 and Ghost in the Shell will only get you the standard HD version.

Use this as your guide:
WTS: Destiny 2 PC codes (Nvidia promo) $40


- I take Amazon US gift cards as payment.

- You will be able to redeem the code only if you have a GTX 1080 or GTX 1080ti installed on your system. There is no bypass known to that hardware DRM yet.

- It's a global key so you can upgrade it to deluxe edition through
That spreadsheet says both will redeem in UHD. just at certain places and may not port.
I see what you mean.
Yeah, T2 will redeem UHD only via Sony which means it's only playable through their app currently. (I think only the TVs have this app, maybe their player?)

Ghost in the Shell will get you the UHD version on Vudu, it just doesn't give you a UHD UV license so other services or shared accounts won't get the UHD version.
Hello NeoGaf I am looking to sell my RGB modded doujindance PC-Engine Duo R.

I am not using it a the moment and would like the money so I decided to sell it. It works great and I bought it from the ebay seller who mods these systems to support rgb. The only thing you would need is a power cable. Systems like the Genesis model 2 use the same power supply so it is not hard to find one at all.

Selling it with a Valis IV game also.

Wanting $249 shipped.

I have NeoGaf Plus status feedback.
For Sale: Almost Mint Condition Ipad Pro 128gb 12.9" version. Comes with Ipad and Cable Only

Also has applecare+ until May 2018

This is on FW 10.2 so it CAN be jailbroken. Asking $600 shipped.

Slightly off topic, but I have a question for those who have sold Wii U's here in the past. Can you wipe the system and clear off your Nintendo Account from it but still keep all of your game licenses tied to the system? I have about 10 digital games on mine that I'd like to include in a potential sale, but want to make sure my Nintendo Account is disconnected since it shares an account balance with my 3DS and Switch.


  • iPhone 7 - 32GB / Unlocked / Matte Black - $525
  • iPhone 7 - 32GB / AT&T / Matte Black - $500
  • iPad Pro 9.7" - 32GB / 4G LTE / Rose Gold - $400

All are in great condition. Device only with generic charger and cable.

PM me for details and pics. Plenty of feedback available.
WTS: Paypal preferred, but will accept Amazon payments as well. Buyer covers fees and shipping is included in pricing.

MSI GE Series GE60 2OE-003US 15.6" See here

Thinking around $500 for it, but feel free to make an offer. Take can pics upon request.

Specs are:
Windows 10 Pro
Intel Core i7 4th Gen 4700MQ (2.40 GHz)
8 GB Memory 1 TB HDD
15.6" Full HD 1920 x 1080
15.09" x 9.83" x 1.27"-1.46" 5.28lbs
DVD Super Multi--needs to be replaced
1 x VGA 1 x HDMI
USB 3.0 x 2
USB 2.0 x 2


Fire Pro Wrestling World for cheaper than Steam price.
Plus seller with 30+ positive transactions.

Pictures available upon request.

Buyer pays fees and shipping.

6-game PC physical bundle- $20

Defiance (new)
Fallout New Vegas Ultimate (new)
LA Noire Complete Edition (new)
Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris (new)
Singularity (new)
The Evil Within (new)

9-game PS3 bundle- $40

Assassin's Creed Black Flag
Assassin's Creed Rogue
Assassin's Creed Revelations (new)
Battlefield 4
GTA Episodes from Liberty City (new)
Max Payne 3

8-game Wii bundle - $45

Battalion Wars 2
Excitebots (new)
Goldeneye 007
Lego Batman 2 (new)
Monster Hunter Tri
Rock Band 2
Sin and Punishment

Steam keys
Tomb Raider Underworld $0.5
Dungeon Siege III $0.5
World of Goo (inventory gift) $0.5
Gun Monkeys (inventory gift) $0.5
Waking Mars (inventory gift) $0.5
Overwatch loot box (Twitch Prime, key) $2
I have 4x $25 Xbox Live digital codes (credit). Looking to sell each one for $22 each.

Accept PayPal F&F.

Note: There seems to be some confusion about this. These are not the 12-month Xbox Live; it is a $25 credit code for Xbox Live Marketplace.
Posted this in the Steam thread, but I figure I might as well make a BST post here, too.

Does anyone wanna split the Dharker Studio 2 Bundle with me? It's currently on Happy Hour, so basically I can get 2 gift bundles for the price of one. At it's current $6 price, we each pay $3. It has a bunch of anime cards if you like those.

Edit: Pending

Open to reasonable offers.

Physical Items- shipping to U.S. included. International is fine by me, but I'll calculate shipping and see if we can work anything out. Pictures on request.

Slightly used neon joycons. Ended up ordering two in case one didn't work out, and they both did. Asking $93 which is my cost + shipping. Box shows a bit of damage, but is in good overall shape. Joy-Cons are in original bubble wrap and plastic bag packaging, includes wrist straps, and tested working.

Fire Emblem Sacred Stones Game Boy Advance with game, box, and manual in good shape. $50

Fire Emblem Game Boy advance cart only $30

Gundam Thunderbolt December Sky Complete Blu-Ray (Limited Edition) $140
I know its pricey, but after RightStuf sold out I had to import it, and that's my break even number. Comes with the outer cardboard package and the inner set has never been removed from the plastic sleeve.

Gundam Wing Complete Series (DVD) $100
I'm selling because the blu rays are coming out eventually, and probably soon. Don't want you to feel ripped off if you buy now and didn't know about that. Comes with the outer slipcover as the Complete Operations set.

Witch Hunter Robin complete Series $30 - Artbox with individual volumes

Hellsing (Original Anime) complete series $30 - Artbox with individual volumes

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Completes Series (New series) Blu-ray 5 part set $100


Humble Telltale Bundle Parts
Walking Dead Season 1 $2
Minecraft Story Mode $5 and Minecraft Adventure Pass $5, or buy the pair for $8
Discount code for 50% off Walking Dead: New Frontier- just PM me
Torment: Tides of Numenera Steam $15
Wasteland 2 Directors Cut Steam $5
Shadowrun Dragonfall Steam $5
UnderRail Steam $5

Mr. Robot Season 2

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back
Ben-Hur (currently shipping from Best Buy, so it will be a couple days until code is available)

Fast and Furious Movies 1-7 $16[ Digital HD or iTunes; Alternatively, I am willing to sell for $3 each, as they are individual codes.
Manchurian Candidate (2204/Denzel Washington version)
House of Cards Season 3 UV
The Last Ship UV
Powers Season 1 UV
Arrow Season 4 UV
Black Sails Season 3 UV
John Wick
Robocop (2014) UV
Sicario iTunes or UV
I'll See you in my Dreams UV and iTunes
Rock the Kasbah UV and iTunes
While We're Young UV
Burnt UV
Chi-Raq UV
Maggie UV
Touched with Fire UV
Hannibal Season 3 UV