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Call of duty: Advanced Warfare AE4 Season pass issue


Oct 16, 2013
Activision has released early access of AE4 DLC weapon to Season pass holder 4 days ago.

But many(or most of) season pass holders are suffering on season pass issue that doesn't unlock AE4 at all even you have Season pass. Re-download Season pass or reset the hardware or even re-download entire games doesn't help at all. And I deleted season pass, and download this through in-game store menu also didn't work.

All of my Xbox friends suffering this issue, and there is so much reports on this issue. And it's still continuing. :(

Is there any updates on this problem?


May 25, 2013
Seems to be a problem for a lots of people i personally wont touch a season pass with a barge poll one weapon per dlc is weak it should be one per class