Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 trailer (the real one) [Up: Roll Call video]

But yeah, the graphics engine is fucking done. Coming apart at the seams, compromises constantly necessary and visible in about every shot.

Would love to see what these developers specifically chasing high tech visuals could do on current hardware.
can't do that at 60fps can they?
Wow that engine is definitely showing its age. Graphically it looks like shit. I'm glad they are at least trying to do something a little different though. That said, I probably won't buy until I can get it really cheap on a steam sale 4 or 5 years from now.
Holy. Shit.

Frank Woods is back. 2025. Robots and shit. Fuck. Day 1, I am there. Black Ops is the best COD.

Where the fuck is Mason? And the CIA handler? I want more trippy crazy stuff too! I want the numbers!

But even still, this is fucking awesome. It's ballsy as hell.


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As someone who hasn't cared for Call of Duty since Modern Warfare, I thought that trailer was pretty fucking awesome.

Love some of those set pieces.
Well, I wasn't expecting that. I'm glad to see they decided to try something a little more modern this time. Still, maybe it's the old engine, but something about it is poor IMO even though the game is still in development. I'm definitely interested, though, I look forward to see how this develops.
Looks fucking dumb.

We build computers, robots, whole unmanned armies but no one ever asks "what happens when the enemy steals the keys?"
I imagine that this is actually one of the first things that would come up when designing any sort of unmanned or AI military tech.
Takes place in 2025.
Still use horses.
My mind is full of fuck. (Unless it's a flashback mission.)
There are no horses in 2025?

It's a pretty cool and unusual scene with the rest of the trailer full of high tech stuff. It reminded me of Uncharted 3.
echoing what others have said. i was done with COD and am somewhat disgusted with myself that i am interested in this.
I never even begun with COD and this interests me. From what I gather, it's a bit like Battlestar Galactica - the enemy has full control of protagonists' technology and they need to go low-tech guerilla to fight back.


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that looks bad. i can also see dude bros being turned off from their "realistic" shooter
Man they were one "I never asked for this" away from getting sued by Eidos with that trailer.

It looks awesome though and I will at the very least rent this for the SP. I love near-future war stuff.
alright, now..

.. is that a good thing?

seems pretty blatant, not sure what to think of it
Deus Ex owes a lot to a lot of other movies, games, comics, but the similarities are there. If this has been in development since Black Ops there's no way it'd be a direct rip from HR anyway.

But holy shit, they went and did the ONE THING that would make me hyped for Call of Duty again - CYBERPUNK FUTURE AWWW YEAH

BTW, people wondering about the horses - I assume they're riding horses so they don't have to use electronics on that particular mission.
I don't think they understand what was so compelling about COD4 from a conceptual standpoint. But then again neither did IW, by the look of MW2 and 3.
Awesome, can't wait.

Also why has no one brought up MGS4 yet? Maybe I'm off but its little similar to Revolver Ocelot plan no?