Call of Duty: Ghosts on PC demands 6GB of RAM.. yet it uses <2GB

If you try to launch it on a system with less than 6GB you get this:

But here's the thing:

The game has some form of lock or whatever that it displays a prompt about how the system needs 6 GB of RAM and if you don't have that you are below specifications.

RAM usage so far (Task manager, unsure about VRAM.) is usually around 1.1 - 1.8 GB.
(Maybe it continues to grow the more you play, without unloading as maps change and such? Which isn't ideal.)
Edit: Also note that <2GB figure is with everything on MAX. With everything on minimum it probably uses even less!!

And some PC screenshots:
Welcome to next gen gaming, where us PC gamers continue to get punished by publishers for nonsensical business reasons.

Reminds me of Halo 2. Either way, I have 8gb of RAM, won't be buying COD Ghosts anyway, and even if I did it will be hacked soon enough anyhow.
Maybe some artificial bullshit that stems from being a direct port, then all the allocated RAM basically mimics that of the next-gen consoles and just becomes a stupid requirement? I've no idea.

Whatever the case, I think everyone called the faux hardcore specifications required.
I bet there's a setting in the options that states "GTX 780: "

If you enable it, you lose like 30 fps or something unless you have a GTX 780. But nothing else happens.
Lol, not surprising. Next unoptimized games using unnecessary resources will be called "next-gen".

"Look our game is so next-gen it uses 20gb+ of RAM because of the constant memory leakage!"
It's a weird limit to have, but it doesn't seem too ourangeous to me. My laptop from 2010 has 8GB, so most people now probably have that or more.
It's a straight-up XB1 port.

Has to be.

It would explain why the PS4 version still looks crappy even at 1080p/60fps and the PC version doesn't even have properly set RAM limits. I bet it looks like crap on a high-end PC too.