Call of Duty: Ghosts teaser site goes live

Found this is the source code..
No idea what that is -- anyone got any guesses?

I am very curious to see this game revealed. I skipped Blops2 even though I enjoy CoD and have played every one prior. So I'll get this if it looks a little more interesting. The guy that broke CoD: Ghosts mentioned some new features, so I'm curious to see if they can bring me back.
I wonder if their trailer is going to look "next gen" or not, like BF4.
I'm not expecting BF4, but I think it will look better than people expect. CoD2 really benefited from being a 360 game, and while neither it nor any of the other games looked amazing at launch -- CoD2 looked better than the original on Xbox.

I remember being impressed just by the faces in CoD2, as they did look better than what I was used to. This might not look as good as BF4 but I do suspect it will look better than past CoD games, because they saw the benefit of having even slightly improved graphics in CoD2. Plus, Microsoft advertises for CoD a ton, and they surely won't want CoD commercials to reflect badly on their new console. I think Activision knows they have to have a little extra effort put into this one.
Clearly a prequel with Ghost from MW2.

I mean, it's Activision and CoD. The meeting probably went something like:

"We need more Call of Duty!"

"Everyone liked that guy with that cool mask from a few games back!"

"But we killed him!"

"SHUT UP FREE MONEY!!11!1!!1!!"

*snorts cocaine*
I can't do this anymore. I will choose the strategy of not giving a shit and then after it releases just asking around to see if they re-learned how to design maps or multiplayer in general. The cycle is too much to bare. Bear? Bare.


An blind dancing ho
Why? Sledgehammer is the one destroying the franchise, Treyarch still puts out at least a somewhat respectable level of effort.
well to be fair Sledgehammer and IW Just followed the tired MW1/2 formula in MW3.

and since Activision is going the risky path now with new futuristic setting with Ghosts I'd like to see them giving Sledgehammer another chance for that Space COD/third person COD (or their own COD) before judging them.
well to be fair Sledgehammer and IW Just followed the tired MW1/2 formula in MW3.
Yes, I understand that Activision is the one sabotaging their franchise, not the developers.

They need more time to make a game actually worth playing.

Obviously I'm not talking about profitability, I'm talking about quality.