Call of Duty licensed toys: Interested? What would make you buy them?

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Action figures, RC vehicles and stuff. Your usual Toys R US (RIP) type of stuff, not collectible figurines or sculptures. Would you or your siblings buy them? What would be important for those toys to have?

Asking for a friend*.
There are. But the master toy license changed hands. I might have to work on them. I can't wrap my head around reasons fans of the games would buy toys of them though...
Wouldn't they be more for kids? I'm guessing parents who like military shit and shooters and want to pass that on would buy them for their kids.
Adults are not gonna buy the toys. You should be aiming for kids.
The target age is young for sure. But to me you guys are kids. lol

Seriously though I can't rock up to a grade/middle school and start asking kids. Might get fingered for a perv. And I want you guys to imagine if you were a kid who likes CoD. What would you want to see?
You can't call a toy the n-word, make assumptions about their parentage or question their sexuality. Obviously, the critical mass of COD players isn't going to be interested.
Soldier figures in a Marvel Legends scale with decent articulation. Scale is so important for army-building, so keep it close.
(Think Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Lvur-like articulation to make it cheap and still decent if you can't go Marvel Legends levels of joints)
This is what I'm talking about. Add decent accessories + weapons. Maybe alternate masked/helmet heads?

If you want to go another route, make G.I Joe-scale figures with assorted accessories and good articulation.
If scale is close to other figures, you'll be a groundbreaker if they're sold in a Walmart or what not.
(Same articulation as figures above)

Just avoid the pitfall of making soldier figures with garbage articulation, please.
Like, don't go with DC Multiverse joints. I beg you. >.>
I think you are asking the wrong people OP. Do you have any friends with 7 to 10 year old kids?

If I'm thinking of the toys a young ASaiyan would want, the words that stand out are "cool" and "fun to play with". So, in the first place, characters that look really badass - buff dudes with angry eyes, maybe those skull balaclavas and sunglasses like that character Ghost (That's CoD, right? Make a Ghost toy.), riding in badass vehicles like tanks all painted up and attack helicopters with oversized guns. The villains can be equally buff, bald angry Russians with piercing blue eyes and highly Russian names, because Cold War era stereotypes is still the villain angle CoD uses, I think. (On that note, the heroes should have 'cool-sounding' American names, like "MacGuyver", "Johnson", "Perez", "Wong", etc.)

Secondly, in order to have fun playing with them and making up your own adventures, the toys have to be functional. I'm talking movable joints and swappable weapons for the characters, moving wheels on the tanks, a spinnable helicopter rotor, etc. Maybe make a playset with one or two stock buildings in it too.

Top it all off with the ad: 30 second spots on Cartoon Network weekend mornings. A deep-voiced narrator talking about how cool the toys are over a ripping guitar track with too much bass. Shots of actual kids playing with the toys and having a good time spliced with footage of gruff looking soldier actors, rolling tanks and taking-off military planes that probably overglamorize war.

There's my pitch. I'm a fellow businessman, but not a consultant, so you can have any of those ideas for free, lol.


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Get me a figure of one of those Black Ops 3 specialists that dabs when you squeeze its legs together.

Or an E3N figure that says "I have a cowboy hat-- I bought it in Texas, mutherfucker!"

Or just a Captain Price mustache.
I want a loot box please that contains three random things.

Also specialist figures from Black Ops 3 to model my useless rubbish on in my bedroom.

Also some YouTuber figures with facial expressions so I can pose them in a disappointed or amazed poses after role playing spending thousands on my loot box toy.

Also some type of nerf gun partnership where I can use the millions of attachments from my loot box toy on my CoD soft projectile.

You can mail me my multi million dollar cheque as this system is a gold mine.
I think there are some US laws that prevent you from selling toys based on M-rated games at Toys R Us, etc, can't remember the specifics though.

You'll notice that a ton of Halo toys are branded as "Halo Wars" because that game's rated T instead of M.


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I agree with making them as (80's-style) GI Joe as possible, especially considering that GI Joe has been pretty absent from toy aisles for a while. There's a void to be filled there. Embrace and embellish the more 'toyetic' aspects of the license; Juggernauts, zombies, mech suits, etc. Put in oversized crossbows and missle launchers that fire little spring-loaded projectiles or foam darts. McFarlane already tried going for the no-fun military aesthetic with the license, and that didn't really turn any heads. Kids aren't interested in playing with a bunch of slavishly detailed, nondescript military mans, you gotta give them characters, you gotta have a hook.

Also, though it would kinda turn me off personally, the shameless capitalist in me says that COD stuff would do well by more overtly leveraging the series' non-ironic "America, fuck yeah" vibe. Incorporate red, white, and blue into the packaging, slap American flags on vehicles, Fox News it up. The Wal-Mart crowd will eat that shit up.


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There are. But the master toy license changed hands. I might have to work on them. I can't wrap my head around reasons fans of the games would buy toys of them though...
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