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Call of Duty Vanguard - Beta Impressions


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The game feels great. Sounds terrible tho. Nothing has the punch from MW2019...but its far and I mean faaaaaaaar better than cold war.
Yeah, I'm still unsure a bit, but what I played I didn't hate or think was god awful by any means. It felt a little strange, couldn't quite put my finger on it. But I do think I may have liked it more than Cold War. It was definitely performing better for me.

The gore is tight too.
This beta is not better than cold war. And that's coming from someone that hasn't played cold war in forever. Unless cold war has recently undergone a makeover and trashed it's sound and graphic design. This beta did not scratch any itch for me as far as fps goes.
Cold War feels terrible to me. It feels very unnatural in all its movements. This feels like MW so I'm more inclined to like it than CW.


As a preface : I really like Cold War .
Vanguard had some strikes against it as I don’t like WW2 since it’s been done to death.

I thought the time to kill was longer which was interesting, weapons felt weird like they had no recoil, Sniper was broken way too powerful. kill streaks were underwhelming. Sound design was not great. Map design was variable, Hotel map was decent, the hilltop kind of sucked, the beach was ok. It looks worse than Cold War but it’s still 2 months out so I think it could arrive in a decent spot.


No, don't like this one. Hard to say why but it doesn't feel quite right to me. Screen shake was pretty bad, which could be a good thing to use on an enemy but for initial impressions, I did not like it.
Did not give it much of a chance. It was unpleasant enough to uninstall before my first match ended. Maybe it will be better if more time is put into it?
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