Call Of Duty WW2 reveal 26 april, website up [UPDATE: Leaked screenshots]

Mar 21, 2010
Belgium, Ghent
Well here it is, if there was any doubt

Call of duty returns to the roots with call of duty WWII - a breathtaking experiance that redefines world war II for a new gaming generation . Land in normandy on D-Day and battle across eroup through iconic location in historys most monumental war. Experience classic call of duty combat the hands of (comamandor?) and the unforgiving war against a global power throwing the world into tyranny.

Boots on the Ground Multiplayer
High-Octane Cooperative
Really nice to see the confirmation, but 5 days until the final reveal? How long until it leaks?

Either way, I'm pumped to see what they can do with the WWII setting on today's consoles. I bought an Xbox 360 because of how impressive CoD2 looked at the time.

Edit: Does Sony still have the marketing rights for CoD? If so they're in for a huge holiday as usual. Destiny 2, CoD WWI, Battlefront 2, RDR 2...
Aug 3, 2014
ew i'll pass. enough of this WW crap. even after the long break it's still not enough. i won't be buying another Battlefield/Cod game until they go back to modern/futuristic settings.
Apr 21, 2015
I'm REALLY interested in this.

I actually at the end of the day was pretty disappointed with BF1 so I'm hoping COD can pull of a historical war setting on modern consoles really well.
Feb 5, 2013
I'm hyped

Sledgehammer is a talented studio, this has the potential to be amazing.
they are handicapped by the CoD gameplay. The futuristic setting didnt help Advanced Warfare (or eve Inifinite Warfare) one bit. its the same terrible gameplay scenarios that feel dated as fuck in 2017.

They need to revamp the core gameplay of the series to focus on enemy A.I and smaller yet challenging encounters instead of Oscar Mikeing you from one setpiece to the next.