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Call Of Duty: Zombies - latest leak


These aren't really spoilers, but are more about the gameplay tweaks and progression system. The below is copied over from the COD reddit, it's a lot of info which goes into things in some detail, but if you're a regular Zombies player it should all make sense...

Character Names:

Dmitriyev Kalashnik, Orlov Medved, Vogel Kurtz, Valen Peck, Dr. William Peck

Ammo Mods:

Ammo Mods are the re-branded name for Alternate Ammo Types (AATs)This time around there is...

  • Cyrofreeze (Frost damage and slows enemies)
  • Dead Wire (Electric damage and stuns enemies)
  • Napalm Blast (Fire damage and burns zombies)
  • Brain Rot (Turns a zombie to ally)
When Pack-A-Punching you actually have the ability to choose exactly what AAT you want. No more RNG required to get what you want!

Field Upgrades:

Field Upgrades are the re-branded name for Specialists. They work on a time based recharge system. Unlike bo4. They are not all offensive. Some are also support based. There is 6 currently confirmed field upgrades.

  • Aether Shroud (Essentially acts like an in-plain sight. Lasts 5 seconds.)
  • Ring of Fire (Ring shows up that boosts damage inside for everyone, Can burn some enemies entering)
  • Healing Aura (Heal yourself an teammates to full health within area)
  • Frost Blast (Wind blast of frost damage, Slows zombies too)
  • Energy Mine (Proximity mine)
The Energy Mine and Aether Shroud field upgrades are both showcased in the initial zombies reveal trailer. You can also see the Frost Blast Field Upgrade in the "First Look" video.

There are 3 other Field Upgrades mentioned in the code. These are Lightning Links, Toxic Growth and Frenzy Guard. I'm unsure of whether these will be released at launch. Or are being saved for a future DLC.


Already went over this in a past post, but thought I'd reiterate on the perks featured in Cold War

QR, Jugg, Speed, Stam, Deadshot, Elemental Pop, Der Wunderfizz.

Note: Jug might be a little op in this game... more on that lower down. QR also gives you a self revive. (Believed to be a stim shot)

Elemental Pop: Basically exactly how everyone expected it to work. Activates random Ammo Mods (AAT's) so basically just treyarch's version of Change Chews.

Ammo Crates: Are just boxes around the map, they refill your ammo. The cost to replenish ammo depends on how many times you have pack-a-punched your weapon (Up to a max of 3)


Runes are the biggest innovation to come to the latest zombie mode. Runes act as a fully new upgrade system. You can use the new rune system to upgrade. AATs, Perks, Field Upgrades and Weapon Classes. (ARs, TRs, Sniper Rifles, LMGs, SMGs, Shotguns, Pistols and Melee Weapons)

Each Individual Perk, AAT, Field Upgrade and Weapon Class has 3 upgrades. (This used to be 5)

Which totals up to a whopping 72 upgrades that can be unlocked in Zombies.

Upgrades you unlock are permanent, you will not ever lose them.

Here is an example of the upgrade line for Stamin-up and the Aether Shroud Field Upgrade

lvl I. Movement Impairing effects reduced by 50%
lvl II. No Fall Damage.
lvl III. Can run while in ADS..
Aether Shroud - Player enters the Aether and is ignored by enemies. Lasts 5 seconds.
lvl I. Activation instantly reloads weapon.
lvl II. Increase duration to 8 seconds.
lvl III. Warp up to 500 units in front of you.
(Link to full list of upgrades for everything here: https://pastebin.com/iTWBbc3T )
You unlock these upgrades using the new currency Aetherium. (It costs 1 Aetherium for the first tier, 2 for the second and the 3rd tier for 3 Aetherium totaling up to 432 Aetherium total to max out all upgrades. This should provide a real grind this year to the zombies experience.

Aetherium is earned just by playing the game and there is two types of Aetherium according to the code. Raw and Flawless.

I'm not sure how exactly they relate to each other. My guess is you earn "x" amount of Raw Aetherium from playing the game. (Similar to divinium from bo3) and then after you hit that amount, you can turn the Raw Aetherium into Flawless Aetherium. Which you then use to upgrade the level of your AAT/Perk/Field Upgrade/Weapon Class

Wonder Weapon:

D.I.E is one of the wonder weapons on the map. It has four upgrade types. Basically think of the Kraken from bo4 and how you could change the ammo type.

The four ammo types for the D.I.E are Nitro Stream, Particle Beam, Plasma Ball and Gas Cloud.

Another WW exists called the Ray Rifle. But I know nothing about it.


There is no sort of gobblegum/elixir system for cold war. MTX seems to be non-existant with the exception of the battle pass which will be coming to zombies. Aetherium "may" have some sort of MTX assigned with them. But as of right now there doesn't seem to be any.

The Dark Aether:

You access the Dark Aether through the orb in the main room. (The giant glowing purple orb in the trailer) you can only stay in there for a limited time. Inside the dark aether are the pieces for the pack-a-punch which you bring back to build it. The Dark Aether Orb will also move around the map.

There are also small "Dark Aether Crystals" which contain drops that you can get.


Salvage is a new currency obtained in game in zombies. In the spawn (Outside of nacht, area with the tank) there is a prebuilt crafting table that sits in a corner next to the building. It can be seen it in one of the original leaked pictures that came out.

You use this salvage at the crafting table to craft multiple different items. From Lethals (Frag, Semtex, C4, Molotov) and Tacticals. You can also now earn Monkey Bombs through crafting. Support equipment can also be crafted here but I don't have a detailed list.

Salvage also has another tier level which allows you to upgrade the rarity of your weapons. (iirc) this also ties in to the next thing I wanna talk about...


Armor is another new mechanic that has been added into zombies. It works similar to warzone.

- You can have 3 armor plates at once

- Armor can be upgraded 3 times at armor stations around the map

- Jug has a "theoretical" 10 hits from a zombie with fully upgraded jug and armor

There is also an Armor Station. which I also know like nothing about.

From what I've heard I believe the station also a feature that is somewhat tied into the other tier of salvage I mentioned before. But that's just speculation on my part.

- Zombies drop random loot whilst playing, these range from armor plates, greandes to killstreaks such as the chopper gunner.

- I checked some stuff last night... and the fucking jetpack is actually a real thing LMAO. I got no clue how this is gonna work.- There is a buildable bench at the bottom area where the machine is. I'm not sure what it's for.

- There is a minimap. (Not sure if you can toggle)

- There is a compass. (Like Warzone/MW) (Also not sure if you can toggle)

- Zombies have health bars and also have damage numbers when you shoot them. (I can not personally confirm if it's still a thing)


Love zombies mode. Haven't touched anything else from cold wars other modes and have like 80 hours in the game


They've done a good job at making Zombies more accessible than it used to be. It was always really good but the insane density of the years of accumulated lore and the sheer obtuseness of the "easter egg" quest system made it very difficult for new players to get into.

With Cold War Zombies new players will actually have a chance to learn the intricacies of the system, and I think that'll pull in a lot of new converts. Die Machine was a great opener as although it did retain the traditional structure, it was way less obscure in how it presented itself as a mode with a clearly designed quest path for players to complete.
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