Callisto Protocol review embargo lifts on release date GUESS THE SCORE

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Review embargo lifting on release day is such a weird tactic.
That said, folks should probably not preorder…
If you're confident your game is going to review well, it's a weird tactic, I agree.

If you think the reviews might lead to cancelled preorders it's a business decision. Sadly, even hearing the review embargo date has made me less interested.

Nobody should preorder anything, I agree. Cyberpunk lessons.
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I think I'll enjoy the game for sure but ultimately it'll feel more like a polished AA game which critics typically aren't such a fan of. Maybe not enough slow walk and talk sections and cutscenes for them. Does it have crafting? If so give it a significant boost, critics love that shit.
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Speaking of 60 FPS mode, I've seen leaked videos from the PS5 version and in some places it performs terribly. Might be without a day 1 patch though.
Yeah, hopefully it improves, it’s hard to say anything about performance before a game releases because it can change with a simple patch


Preordering a game digitally makes zero sense. Don’t know why you guys keep doing this. It’s not like it’s gonna run out of stock.

Only exception is if there’s major bonuses announced for preorder AND you know from reviews that it’s a good game. otherwise why?
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