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Can anyone read the ui text in The Witcher 3?


Hmm its small to me.. maybe cause i have gotten glasses since but i remember that game pissing me off with the text size.

I actually quit MH3U at first when I got it due to text size. never mind the fact that I played the original on Wii already.

yeah MH3U had tiny text but Witcher 3 is even tinier. there are no winners here.


I'm sitting 15 feet from my TV. No problem reading anything @1080p.

Not saying this as a joke...unless you're playing on a tiny screen or from like 20+ feet away, you may need your eyesight checked.

Edit* my wife recently got glasses after I insisted she needed them. I'd be reading a website from across the room and she couldn't read it. Blew her mind when she got glasses. Says she thought she had good eyesight, but was very wrong.


I almost bought this game, but then I remebered the tiny font problem in their previous games. It seems that they have learned nothing since then.


All this time I'm thinking my vision is getting bad! I'm 22. I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking the subtitles, I play on my couch about...6-10ft away give or take. I think its a trend with these new games to have these small subtitles.
That's seriously small. I can read it but I'm pretty sure a few hours of play will put an additional strain on my eyes.

So yeah, I'd rather they patched a font size option in, that shit should be standard.
Zero doubt there will be a mod on PC but CDPR should address the issue.
Haven't noticed as I'm linked to my tv by headphones (through controller ain't loud enough) and my bed is close to the TV. I like sitting close anyhow. Though I know the pain, Diablo 3 text was insane
Ugghhhhh. I haven't played this game yet but as someone who plays PC versions on the couch this issue has been getting worse in more and more games. Lots of people play PC on the couch nowadays, you would think devs would know and accommodate that. Nothing kills enjoyment of a game faster than unreadable small text. It literally makes the game unplayable.
It's on the small side, but still perfectly readable for me, about 9 feet away from a 50" TV. I'm playing the PC version with the UI at its default scaling setting; setting it smaller definitely makes it unreadable, but I assume that's for PC monitors.
I had this problem with SoM too. I have to sit really close to the TV to tell what's going on. Codex stuff is illegible.

You're all sitting too far away, simple as that. Text is a little small, but if you were the proper distance from the TV it would be less of an issue.
They should put a warning on the box.
"For use with couches no more than 4 feet away from television screen".

It's the proper way to do it, after all. I hate it when a game gives options.


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You're all sitting too far away, simple as that. Text is a little small, but if you were the proper distance from the TV it would be less of an issue.
This. And this is why I think having the option to go down in resolution to increase the framerate would be great on console too, lots of console gamers clearly sit too far away from the TV to spot the resolution differences anyway while crappy framerates can be noticed by anyone.
So let the ones sitting 1 meter from 60" TVs get all worked up about all those p's all they want but please let the rest of us use the power in the consoles for stuff that really matters so we don't have to buy everything on PC all the time just to get decent framerates.
If you're on ps4 do this http://kotaku.com/legally-blind-gamer-can-finally-enjoy-more-ps4-games-1695264255

Never knew about it until today and it's awesome

its kinda cool, but the fact I have to do this for the game is stupid in itself. hope it gets address. I pick up stuff and barely can read what Im picking it up.

You're all sitting too far away, simple as that. Text is a little small, but if you were the proper distance from the TV it would be less of an issue.

my 40 inch TV and me sitting 4-5 feet away from it disagree with you completely. Any other game I can read all the text fine, but suddenly Im doing it wrong here with small font? Dumb logic. Do you sit like 1 foot away from the TV?


I actually made the HUD smaller because it was giving me headaches while using witcher sense with the weird DOF. No problems. On PC, sitting a fair bit away from my 24" screen. But I do have very good vision. I could see it being a problem.for some.


I have a 50 inch tv and sit 130 cm from the tv and still can't read the item descriptions. Granted, my eyesight isn't the best but it's not an issue in games with normal sized text.

Why would you measure your tv in inches but your distance in centimeters. Confusing as all hell.


The UI texts are really small, I have a hard time reading it. I have to go close to my tv to read the bestiary. (I love read them)
32 inch 1080p tv and I can just barely read the text from 7 feet away if I squint really hard. Definitely wish the text was larger.

Hmm. Can't read shit. Reading what you're looting is a mission of its own.


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Why would you measure your tv in inches but your distance in centimeters. Confusing as all hell.
TVs, computer screens, phone screens etc has always been measured in inches even where the metric system is used, might be confusing but would it honestly help if people around here said they had a 106.68cm TV?



Hmm. Can't read shit. Reading what you're looting is a mission of its own.

That pics so small, I can't read that shit either.

I play on a 24in monitor, about 3 or 4 feet away and can read it all just fine. UI is set to the smallest.


Are the subtitles bigger on consoles? Because playing PC on a TV the text definitely feels like I should be sitting up close to a monitor.
Sorry for low resolution pictures as they don't do justice to the situation but you get the idea. Saving screenshots on Twitter.

I can't see clearly what items do (bottom left).

Can't read what the in-game card game is suppose to do either.

I'm sure it's good for some people, but I'm playing on a 60 inch sitting 8 feet away and I'm having trouble. Definitely taking me out of the experience.


I'm sitting maybe 3-4 feet away from a 22-23" 1680x1050 monitor, and I have this problem. If they had an option to make the font bigger, or even just made it white instead of the weird faded color it uses, and/or used a different font, it could help.


This is the one complaint I have of the game. not only is the size an issue (it's mainly with combat text and looting), it is the font type itself which makes it pretty hard to read these.
It's really, really bad.

I was having problems reading text in some games last year, went to the eye doctor, got contacts and had no problems since then. But this game is just terrible.


I'm sitting 2.5 meters away from a 50" TV. Technically, I can read all of the text. However, practically it's incredibly uncomfortable to focus on text that small from that distance. In the end, I said goodbye to my couch and now I'm sitting on the floor - feels like I'm 10 again.

Worst offender is the shop interface. There's an incredible amount of unused space and yet the item descriptions are absolutely tiny. The first time around I wasn't even able to find out how much money the items cost.

I'm actually thinking about plugging the PS4 into my monitor and call it a day. It's definitely a game that was designed for the classical PC environment with no thoughts given about console gamers at all.


Kinda happy it's not just me having this issue with games lately... Sure, my sight isn't the best but the small fonts used in certain games is ridiculous.
OK, it's not just me then, I was thinking I might have been over-due an eyesight test.

Haven't had this kind of issue since jrpg/ps2/small crt days.
The part the hawkeye/WebMD brigade fails to see when they say "get your eyes checked" is that even if you can read it all (I can), you're unnecessarily fucking your eyes because one particular dev didn't care to offer different font sizes.


Maybe I'm weird, but I sit about 8ft from my 55" TV and the text size is spot on for me. The only time I have adjusted UI size recently is to make the text smaller on FFXIV.
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