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Can Battlefield 2042 be saved?

I've enjoyed it on console so far and that's basically me playing mp by myself as I wait for the rest of my normal crew to pick it up. I imagine we'll have a lot of fun with it once we team up but there certainly still issues that need to be sorted out.

However, seeing as how this was a free to play weekend on the PC I figured I'd give it a try there to test it out and every time I try to play I get kicked out to the main menu after maybe 1 min max in a match. Pretty unbelievable that I had that same thing happen every time, I let steam verify the files and it found no errors, looked online and found no other answers.
I'm fairly certain "making something new" is why this situation is playing out the way it is. All I know is I'm almost done farcry and I'm not sure if I should still hold off for more patches or what.

If the old way worked, they never would have tried something new.

The old formula doesn't work. The BF2042 formula doesn't work. There's more than two to choose from.
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