Canadian Gaming Deals & Discussion 8: Don't Move Here For The Deals

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I expect absolutely nothing out of black friday/cyber monday stuff but I might try and find Splatoon since I passed it up and could at least do the singleplayer.

I am planning a new PC build but unless something really knocks my socks off I'm still holding out for Z270/7700K.
I placed an order at BB that I want to cancel (hasn't shipped, one's a preorder and one's on backorder) but the option is missing. Best way to proceed?
Have no Black Friday ads for Canadian retailers leaked yet?

Every single one for USA has...ugh...
This is pretty common, for some reason the US flyers always release/leak a lot sooner than the Canadian ones. Don't worry, I'm sure there'll be Black Friday sales up here.

Whether they'll be any good, of course, is another matter...
All I'm hoping for this holiday season is a nice sale on one of Titanfall 2, World of Final Fantasy, or Hitman. Titanfall 2 is the most likely, given the prices it's dropping to down south. I'm set for games otherwise, but would like to add one of those to my Civ 6/Overwatch rotation I got going on.
I've still got that limited edition Halo controller (first one in second column down in the pic), it's my most-used 360 controller, but the left stick has gone to shit on it :(
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