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Have any of you been able to grab Odyssey from Shoppers Drug Mart? I went to 2 locations this morning on my way to work, 8-ish, and neither had it.
Yeah, I got my copy around 11:30 am, the lady told me that a bunch of people was asking about it. One guy bought 3 bags of chips and some robaxaset and said he's gaming all day.
I'm pretty sure all the Shopper's near me order in somewhere around 3 copies of new release games, I've never had any luck whatsoever with them sadly. Will probably just grab Odyssey from Bestbuy on my way home from work.
A bunch of 360 games are $2 at EB right now and most of them are backwards compatible with Xbox One. Halo 3 and the first Assassin's Creed are both on the list, and they are two of the games that will run in 4K on One X.
I think hell has frozen over. didn't wait 3+ days after release before shipping me Assassin's Creed: Origins. I'll have it Tuesday/Wednesday which is a lot faster than I got South Park: TFBW
Nier Automata is $29.99 at Best Buy again. Sold out online but I just grabbed a copy at my local store.

Gonna’ keep posting here for shits and giggles. The last thing I need is yet another forum login.
Mine's coming Friday November 3, couldn't wait so I bought it first thing today.
Originally it said it was shipping Monday and I'd have it Nov 3-9, but then I got a shipping notice and I should have it Wednesday. Depending how much travel, if any, it got in today I could have it Monday/Tuesday. I'm shocked.
My PC is super outdated and I want to get a new gaming PC. I know I’m a fool for not building one but I can’t be bothered to do it and I have no interest to.

In terms of built gaming PCs, this seems to be the best deal I’ve found. Can anyone who is knowleadgeable of parts let me know if they are good specs/decent value?
I'd recommend checking the specs/price of it with what's on Logical Increments: