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Is this a normal thing, is the PM usually a minister in his own cabinet?
The Prime Minister is always part of the cabinet; notionally, indeed, he is merely first among equals.

Yeah.. what's with that pick?
Carolyn Bennett is Aboriginal Affairs and not Health! Whaaaooooaaaaaaa
She's been the Aboriginal Affairs critic for years and is well-versed in those issues.

Dion at Foreign Affairs is a lovely, high-profile spot for him. I was predicting Environment, but maybe they decided to put a face that didn't absorb years of Tory attack ads on a file that will assuredly be controversial in the oil patch.
Is this a normal thing, is the PM usually a minister in his own cabinet?
It happens when the cabinet is small or it's a particular area of interest to the first minister. Notley is Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs in Alberta.

Wait, I'm not watching so I'm a bit behind. If you just mean as Prime Minister, then yes he is obviously a member of his own cabinet.
Full list, via CBC:
The full list of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's new 31-member cabinet, being sworn in today at Rideau Hall in Ottawa:

Justin Trudeau - Prime Minister.
Ralph Goodale - Public Safety.
Stéphane Dion - Foreign Affairs.
John McCallum - Citizenship and Immigration.
Carolyn Bennett - Indigenous and Northern Affairs.
Scott Brison - Treasury Board President.
Bill Morneau - Finance Minister.
Jody Wilson-Raybould - Justice.
Harjit Sajjan - National Defence.
Chrystia Freeland - International Trade.
Jane Philpott - Health.
Patricia Hajda - Status of Women.
Jean-Yves Duclos - Families, Children and Social Development.
Marc Garneau - Transport.
James Carr - Natural Resources.
Mélanie Jolie - Heritage.
Kent Hehr - Veterans Affairs, and Associate Minister of National Defence.
Catherine McKenna - Environment and Climate Change.
Maryam Monsef - Democratic Institutions.
Carla Qualtrough - Sport, and Persons with Disabilities.
Hunter Tootoo - Fisheries and Oceans, and Canadian Coastguard.
Kirsty Duncan - Science.
Lawrence MacAulay - Agriculture.
Navdeep Bains - Innovation, Science and Economic Development.
Judy Foote - Public Services and Procurement.
Dominic Leblanc - Government House Leader
Marie-Claude Bibeau - International Development and La francophonie.
Dianne Lebouthillier - National Revenue.
Maryam Mihychuck - Employment Workforce Development and Labour
Amarjeet Sohi - Infrastructure and Communities.
Bardish Chagger - Small Business and Tourism.
Hey, my prediction about Wilson-Raybould at Justice was right.

Lawrence MacAulay being the PEI minister kind of stunned me at first, but I guess there really aren't that many farmers in the Liberal caucus.
Oh shit, it just occurred to me that in 2005 in the middle of the election campaign, it was RCMP commissioner zaccadelli who confirmed the investigation into the income trust leak out of Goodale's office, which some attribute to helping elect the conservatives in 2006.

And now Goodale will head up the department the RCMP falls under.

Did Goodale request this gig for Karma purposes? Lmao
A white Torontonian on this file? :/
She's not a bad choice, as Aboriginal Affairs has two major issues being health and the status of women, and both are her strengths.


Carolyn is also a seriously empathetic person, which is something that the post needs.
Oh, this French is the worst so far.

Maybe I should start getting some practice in case I ever need to speak French in some public speaking capacity.
[KoRp]Jazzman;184154531 said:
No word on Deputy PM yet?
Doesn't sound like he's appointing one. I guess that portfolio may be permanently scrapped (unless we get electoral reform and see more coalition governments).
Oh, this French is the worst so far.

Maybe I should start getting some practice in case I ever need to speak French in some public speaking capacity.
At least he did French first and actually did it in French, which some ministers aren't.

I don't really like people complaining about the quality of someone's English so I don't think it's really fair to complain about French when at least they are trying.
And here comes the butchered French. Yaaaaaasssss.
Yeah if Goodale spoke French then I think we'd have seen him possibly as the Liberal leader in 2008, and possibly Prime Minister. Ethically and professionally he is untouchable, he may be the most pure politician in Canada in terms of ethics and also work ethic. A really great man.
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