Canadian Video Game Deals: Compusmart

Jun 9, 2004
Gotta find something for us North of the border...and this looks quite tempting. Very sadly, their $20 Wario Ware: Mega Party Games has disappeared, but what has happened is still relatively nice.

And yes, Wario, all prices are in Canadian Dollars...and all for GameCube

Wave Race: Blue Storm
NFL Blitz Pro

Def Jam Vendetta

NBA Street Vol. 2
Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles
Super Monkey Ball 2

I cut out the crappiest of the games, but there are some pretty solid deals in there. Once I get around to it, I'll likely order enough to get free shipping. Cheapest I've seen FF:CC/Monkey Ball 2, for sure. And shipping is damn fast...went from Montreal to Halifax in two days flat, free of charge. And, just a small deal, Pikmin 2 pre-order is only $60. Not too bad, I guess.