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Cancelled Halo, AoE reboot, Bloodrayne 3, Batman game and others leaked by Spanish website


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If this is real, It would explain why Halo 5 Guardian's SP felt kinda thrown together. There's a level where you're just walking and getting Intel from a grunt and it was very short

I haven't played Halo Infinite but I think the consensus is that is has a much better SP campaign


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Bloodrayne 3 would've been awesome on a modern engine. The Terminal Cuts of the original 2 can only do so much
Yeah I'm still hoping Bloodrayne gets a revival. I still remember this from 6 years ago. By far the first Bloodrayne is one of my favorite games. Bloodrayne 2 combat is too slow compared to 1.

Edit: I can't imagine why they've go through the effort of porting BR1 and 2 without having plans to make a BR3. They are rather niche games and I imagine would not sell well.

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