Can't find servers on steam

So I'm trying to play tf2 but no servers come up when I refresh my lists. On my friends list i see people playing, and can view the ip of their servers but no other info. I cant connect directly to their games either. The only way im able to play is by looking up servers online and connecting to them thru console.

I've already tried deleting my clientregistry.blob, but to no avail. Any other suggestions?
i think what has happened is that steam had an update and you havent restarted Steam hence why no servers are showing up.

it happens to me when it updates :) give it a try
If you've never played online with Steam before, could it be firewalls/ports that you've closed? Are you by any chance on the DMZ? Steam has issues when it's on the DMZ for some reason.
Just use a different server browser in the mean time.

I was going to suggest the All-Seeing-Eye but it's seems that it's been shut down :(

I guess x-fire is the next best thing?
Just wondering, you haven't installed anything like PeerGuardian or Netlimiter recently, have you? Or pretty much anything that filters net traffic.
akachan ningen said:
I had that problem. go to your settings and change your connection type, choose something slower than what you actually have. That worked for me.

This is a fix that I've used for a while. It makes things a little better but every once in a while I still get nothing.

Suburban Cowboy, are you a FiOS customer?