Capcom announced "Remember Me"

Aug 12, 2009

7 minutes gameplay:

May 2013.

Capcom and Dontnod entertainment are proud to announce Remember Me, a brand new action adventure title for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Neo-Paris, 2084. Take on the role of Nilin, a former elite memory hunter with the ability to break into people's minds and steal or even alter their memories. Arrested, and with her memory wiped clean Nilin must now set out on a mission to rediscover her identity.

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details from gameplay demo

Nilin escapes; it's a third-person action adventure with Uncharted-style climbing sequences. The heads-up display is empty aside from elements in the environment and Nilin's status, which is represented as an orb behind her head.

The chase continues, with music that swaps between serene and techno. Now inside the building and away from the chopper, she has to fight goons in a corridor. It's a hand-to-hand brawler by the looks of things, and there's a particularly effective move called Memory Overload, which seems to kill the enemy by spraying their memories everywhere.

More combat is soon shown, with a wheel of commands and tools at her disposal. She's also able to slow time to quickly dispatch her enemies.

Back on the rooftop and the gunship in tow, Nilin manages to evade detection for a moment, climbs up the side and lands on the gunship itself, and steals the pilot's memories. The demo ends. It looks very impressive.

While all people in the world now have powers, Nilin has a unique one, Memory Remix, which can make people insane and kill themselves. A new demo starts, showing Nilin hunting down a general named Frank Forlan.

The player can use various sight modes to make her way through the rainy streets and past sentries. She soon climbs up buildings and hangs outside of a window, with Forlan inside the room.

She overhears how he just broke up with his girlfriend. Using this information, she's able to access these memories - a messy domestic in his apartment - and edit them. In the apartment, the player can select various elements - such a knocking over a bottle to opening a suitcase.

Knocking over the bottle doesn't work - Forlan just stumbles and fails to shoot his girlfiend. You can replay, take the safety off the gun first then shoot him, successfully editing the memory.
56k warning lol
Mar 16, 2012
Terrible to say the least, and look at that another game not for Wii U, the only franchises I care for in capcom are the fighting franchises and this blows.